August 12, 2012

2012 Fiesta Days

Before it gets way to late I need to post some events from back in July. Here in the state of Utah we celebrate the 24th of July, remembering our pioneers who entered the Salt Lake Valley in 1847. Spanish Fork's celebration is called Fiesta Days. We have lots of things going on during the 4 days of fun. We especially like the rodeo and this year we were all part of history. For 70 years the city has been sponsoring this event. This year we did it in a brand new arena. Just after the rodeo last year they tore down the well used arena and just in time for this years rodeo the arena was ready. What a beautiful addition to the city.

The first night we took Emily, Terry, Mary Ann and their husbands. What a fun night we had. Do we look like rodeo queens or more like quilting queens?
The second night of the rodeo was Stuarts class reunion. But back again on the third night with some of the family and their friends. Isn't this a beautiful shot of the flag, partly cloudy but no rain. Yeah!
And what is this? The clown being himself, funny!
And this clown is a little funny too at times!
Hatch and his friend Brock and one of the clowns.
Grandpa and Thayne having a bit of fun themselves.
And on the 24th we all gather together for the grand parade, lunch at the house and more rodeo action that night.
We have a great spot on the parade route, right in front of the station. Grandpa spoils the kids through the whole parade with treats and drinks. Not to shabby!

That night's rodeo started off with this pair of rainbows just across from our seats.
Kaitlyn and her little family, Teegan and McKinley.
Jacob and Angie
Mom & Dad or Grandpa and Grandma
Kira, John and family, Hatch, Thayne and Karas.
Afterwards we pick a spot on the rodeo grounds and watch the fireworks. Another one down and many more to go. This is a highlight of the summer, being all together doing the things we love most.
Here's some cute videos of the kids getting into the action before and during the parade.

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Yvonne said...

This is so much fun wathcing the whole White Bunch together! Can't beliege how fast the kids are growing, look at that Teegan how big he is getting! They all look so cute and happy! Thanks for sharing....