August 13, 2012

Neil Diamond Concert!

Just a few people in the state of Utah had the same idea we did! We got tickets for the Neil Diamond concert on July 28th, clear back in December. It was at the Rio Tinto Soccer Stadium, an outdoor venue. This is something that's been on our bucket list of things to do. And since he was going to be here we thought what a great opportunity to see him. Neil's movie the Jazz Singer came out the year we were married, which seems like it was just yesterday. We had the cassette version of the sound track. We knew those songs inside and out, til we wore it out. We were moving and a grooving to the songs he sang.Look we can do this too, just like the kids do today. The only thing is my arms aren't quite long enough.
Not the best seats in the house, but still worth it.
We really did have an enjoyable evening. The weather was gorgeous for an outdoor show. Now we can cross this one off the old geezers bucket list.

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Yvonne said...

Now I have a Neil Diamond song playing in my head...... I love it!