August 8, 2012

Hey, I know her!

I don't usually pick up this quilt magazine to read. But last week while I was working the Quilt Mania came in so before I put them out I was thumbing through it, looking at all of the beautiful quilts featured in the July/August issue.One of the quilts really caught my eye, especially because of the fabrics that were used. After doing some reading I recognized the designer's name right off the bat. The pattern is called Clafoutis and is by Elsbeth Wallenburg from Amsterdam. She is one of the employees at the Den Haan & Wgaenmakers there in Amsterdam. I was so thrilled to tell everyone in the shop at that time that I knew this lovely lady and she is now on my list of girl friends from the Netherlands. I was at this beautiful shop in February.
Isn't this an amazing quilt using reproduction fabrics of the Dutch people.
This is the bundle of goodies I brought home with me. I don't have all the fabrics used, but a good start and I don't know that this quilt would ever get finished so I am going to make something smaller.
Meet the designer, Elsbeth. She is a fun, bubbly lady with lots of knowledge and talent when it comes to reproduction Dutch fabrics. She was great help to me when it came time to pick out my treasures
This is the quilt shop Den Haan & Wagenmakers in Amsterdam.


carina said...

What a surprise when you read about a lady you know! And you have a picture with here.
What a nice time you had in holland. Byby besos carina

martine said...

Great story Shannon. Elsbeth is such a nice woman.
And the size of the quilt doesn't matter.
Your's is going to be a beauty.
Love Martine

Yvonne said...

Isn't that 'book' of us gettting more and more exiting! It is a small world, I can imagine your face when you read the article. That must have been some surprise!

Lida said...

Yes that is a nice lady and what luck you saw her design! Wish you lots of fun with creating a really Dutch quilt! Hugs

Else said...

Already started? (lol) It's a great quilt and Elsbeth is such a nice woman. Nice to see the picture's of you both. Hug from me

Jan Marie said...

How fun to have those connections.

Elsbeth said...

Hi Shannon, just got home from my holliday and read your blog. Thank you so much for your nice comment!! I hope you enjoy making the quilt! Best wishes, Elsbeth