September 28, 2009

Happenings of Good Things...

For Myself and Kira's birthdays, Kaitlyn arranged and drove us to Good Things Utah on Friday. Shelly, Kira's stampin' buddy went with us. Wow, what a whirlwind of fun. It was fun to meet the girl's of the show. You thought they were thin on t.v., you should see them in real life. They spotlighted us for our birthdays(did any of you see us?) I can say I've been on t.v. now. I thought the studio would be much larger than it was. They tape everything in such a small space. It was a really fun show that day. We came away with some really cool stuff too. Kira, Shelly, Kaitlyn and Myself

And welcome to Good Things Utah!
This is Angel Shannon giving hugs to another "Angel" Shannon! She was promoting her new cookbook which everyone in the audience received. It's all about doing desserts under $5. I can't wait to try some of them out.
They were using the studio for something else, so we got to go to the girl's green room for visiting and pictures. They say this rarely happens. They are such down to earth girl's who like to have fun. Check out their shoes, they say they are great for show but can't wait to get into their flip flops as soon as they can.
I don't know how they even walk in these things. The heels on these babies are almost 4". I would be breaking my neck if I had to walk on those things!
Out front with all our goodies. Kira won one of the trivia ?'s they asked after the show was over. It as a pasta gift basket from Kneader's. They had brought them the day before for give aways but there was no one in the audience that day. Too bad for them!

We went to lunch at Paradise Bakery at 106th. We had soup, salads, and sandwichs. Then we had to make our way to "Nothing Bundt Cakes" just through the parking lot. This is a fun shop if your in the mood for Bundt cakes. They have all sorts of fun flavors.
Oh, it's so hard to decide, but I chose this yummy Red Velvet bundt. They even put choc. chips in the batter. I can't believe I ate the whole thing in one sitting. It was delicious!
It was a fun day, thanks for making my day fun girl's. Let's do it again sometime.


Shortcake and Company said...

That is my kind of day right down to the red velvet cake. And don't worry, I ate mine in one sitting too. When we went to GTU last year I couldn't believe how thin the girls were too!! How fun for you all.

daurenet said...

Hi Shannon, Hey I did see you on GTU. I love that show. How fun to be there with your girls. I really need to get myself in gear. But wanted you to know that I finished my bag. It looks great! I still need to put my flower on there. (and take pictures) I have been working on my quilt. The machine quilting is going good. Almost done,then the binding. Can't wait to show you. Thanks for being such a great teacher.

Sboyack said...

What a great birthday you just keep celebrating all week. Have a great day.