September 29, 2009

Wackiest Birthday Gift!

If any of you know my son Jacob, you know he can be quite the little jokester at times. He must of inherited it from my Dad. He knew how to have a good time with everybody. Well my birthday was no exception. He and Angie brought home a gift for me on Friday evening. First of all they tortured me by making me wait till Stuart got home. Now, I know your all going to be jealous of their gift and you will want to be on their Christmas gift list this year, I'm sure! And here it is, my new Snugglie. Cheetah print to boot! They thought it would keep me nice and cozy while binding quilts(if that doesn't keep me warm enough) or just cuddling up to one of my quilt magazines!

One size fits all! Not for this vertical challenged body. lol Look at the arms in this thing. They must have had the Sasquatch in mind when they made this thing. I think I could of used the Snugglie Jr. They are making those now you know!
After about 10 minutes of laughing, Angie surprized me with another gift. The tag read "Happy Birthday for REAL" . I think the White's are wearing off on her. She is a hoot. She heard me say that I wanted to get the brownie pan that makes every brownie a corner. They know when I make brownies the corners are mine. Hum, just like Jacob this is a trait I get from my Dad.

So this was my "REAL" gift. I can't wait to try it out. Did you know it works great for corn bread too? Stuart will have to make his yummy bread in it. Angie works at Bed, Bath and Beyond and they get all the latest infomercial products. I love my gifts you two crazy kids, thanks for thinking of me on my special day. Feel free to borrow my Snugglie anytime. Or better yet, maybe if your good kids you'll find one in your Christmas stockings!!!

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Shortcake and Company said...

Ha, ha...that's too funny! Shell wants a snugglie, for real. How did the brownie pan work anyway?