September 30, 2009

More celebrating!

Saturday afternoon Stuart and I headed to Wendover. What the heck are the White's doing there you ask, since we are not big gamblers. Stuart works to hard for his money to just throw it away to some machine! Well let me explain. We went to see Charly Pride, for all of you who don't know him he is a country western singer that Stuart has liked since high school. I had never heard of him until I started dating Stuart. Now most of his songs are some of my favorites, you may know Kiss an Angel Goodmorning or When I Wake Up.

We started out eating dinner at the Bimini Steakhouse inside the Montego Bay Hotel. The service and food were really good.
Yes, this is Stuart. You may notice something different about him. He's got a beard until hunting season if over. Just 2 more weekends to go. I'm so glad he took the time to celebrate with me before heading to Wyoming.

Look what I mean. The shrimp on our cocktail were jumbo , jumbo size.

And look at this ice cream size scoop of butter on my baker. Boy oh boy did some of that have to go. Now, I like butter but that was a little much.

Only in Wendover would you find this, Topless Bel is her name. Oh you see funny stuff around don't you. I don't think we will have one of these babies anytime soon!

And then I spotted this, a 1961 Bug. Isn't it cute, that's the year I was born. They have some- thing in common with me. We both like to have FUN. My last three digits on my license plate is FUN. I wonder if they SEW! lol

Off to the Peppermill for the concert. This was the first time visiting there. It is a really nice concert hall. It only holds 1000, so there's not a bad seat in the house.Charley sang some of his oldies and some of his newer songs. He's starting to show some age, but he sounds just the same. It was a great concert. I'm glad we got tickets to see him.
What a fun way to wind down my birthday week. Thanks Stuart for a great birthday, it's always fun to celebrate with the one that I love. Here's to many more wonderful Charley Pride songs.


Alice said...

I used to listen to Charlie Pride with my dad.

Shortcake and Company said...

I love that topless funny!! I'm glad you two enjoyed yourself.