September 9, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Fun!

Everyone! Hope you all had a fun Labor Day weekend.
While the guys did some horse riding and elk scouting in the canyon,
(John and Hatch)
(Grandpa White and Hatch)

The girls went shopping! Fun huh?
Karas is going to be a dancer for Halloween and Kira was able to find her some really cute things at the Danskin store. Karas loved having her own shopping bag. But then what girl dosen't?

After a little bit of shopping we met Angie (Jacob's girlfriend) in Salt Lake. From there we went to lunch at Hopper's. They bring out these yummy cinnamon rolls for the appetizer, what a great way to start of your meal, dessert first! Look at Thayne he was all about digging in!

After lunch we headed out to Gardner's Village to spend the afternoon there. Angie had never been there before. All the shops were having great Labor Day sales. I did come home with some fabric from the Pine Needle. That doesn't surprise you one bit does it?
There's a new shop in the village that just opened up on Friday. It's called Wild about the West. I could of bought the whole store to decorate my basement, but I don't think it would of fit in Kira's car. What a fun place to visit if this is up your alley.
Sunday morning we all went to Chelsey and Cole's baby Alyvia's blessing, then we had brunch at their place. No pictures sorry. We spent the afternoon watching and playing with the grandkids while Kira and John took the horses and went for a ride up the canyon.
And Monday I "labored" all day making these fun little cupcakes. Oh dang! These are for something that's opening at the Corn Wagon. Stay tuned in to find out!
All in all we had a fun weekend, playing and just relaxing.

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Kaitlyn said...

its to bad McKinley and I wasnt there. you never did love us anyway