June 2, 2010

Going home!

Home again, home again, jiggedy jig! But first we have some sightseeing to do. Monday morning we picked up Terri and Lisa(Thankfully Sew) and went to Stillwater, MN. This was recommended by Lindy. What a fun little tourist spot, it reminds me of Park City. There were lots of little shops to see and things to buy. I didn't think my carry on would hold anymore, but low and behold I was wrong.Our first stop was a quaint little shop. A few antiques and misc. items. But what caught our eye were the vintage sewing items in the back. There was everything from buttons, patterns and she did sell a bit of fabric too. I wanted to take a picture but that was not permitted.
Emily is that more fabric in that bag? Here is Em, Lisa and Terri outside Rose Mille.

Now I know why Lindy sent me here. Most of the shops reminded me of Heritage Woodworks. A place we both miss.

This shop had a wool studio in the back. Rug hooking must be a favorite of the locals. I couldn't believe the wool she had stripped and hanging.
And of course candy, homemade candy that is.

Anitque quilts hanging around in this shop. This place kept going and going, the emplyoee there had us going everywhere to find quilts. I wish I would have had a spot left in my luggage for the yellow one, it would have come home with me. I guess it was a good thing!
Emily found this one she wanted.

They had quilts hiding every where. They were in old trunks and cedar chests.

A really awesome dresden plate.

After a few stops, we had lunch at the Freight House. It sits right on the river seperating MN and Wisconsin. We wanted to take the bridge over just to say we had been to Wisconsin, but we didn't have time to sit in this line to get there. No cheese on this trip!

Now off to find the quilt shop, Charlotte's Quilting Web.
This shop had such a great variety. We had lots of fun looking at new stuff some of us had never seen. Here we are with Charlotte herself. If you are ever in Stillwater look her up.
This is what caught my eye. It is a darling quilt designed by a local gal there in Stillwater. Sorry for the glare from the window. I bought this pattern thinking I will do it in fresh and funky fabric and raw edge applique it. What do you think, wouldn't that be cute?
Here are some pictures of the cute aprons.

Time to head to the airport to catch our flight home. Yeah!
This is a church off in the distance. Isn't it amazing? They have the most beautiful structures there and most of them are located right downtown in the business district.

This is a National Cemetary. We passed this several times on our way to and from. But for some reason we didn't ever stop to get a picture, we were always in a hurry I guess. So on the way to the airport I snapped a picture from the car. I couldn't help but think how pretty this cemetary was going to look towards the weekend, being the Memorial Day weekend. Now that would have been something to see. Simply amazing to me, there were rows and rows of headstones. Just passing by you could feel the reverence of the cemetary.

Hurry Lisa, were taking off. Lisa and Terri the last ones on the plane. Lisa's flight to Idaho was cancelled so they spent an hour trying to get her on our flight to SLC. Looks like they succeded, but they were in the double clutch mode!

Goof off time in Chicago, just enough time to grab a bite to eat.
Let's taste that Chicago dog Terri!

Wow, we haven't even made it home and Emily is already designing new quilt patterns. Don't you ever take a break, Em?

And Terri and Lisa doing their book work even before they get home. Gees, ladies this is a time to relax. As for me I just sat with my earphones in listening to favorite tunes on my Ipod. That's how your supposed to enjoy your flight!
And this is where my journey to Quilt Market ends. As I said before this was such a wonderful experience for me. I had the privledge to meet so many nice people while on this trip. This is something that will be in the back of my mind for a long, long time. Now I can't wait for next spring. See you in Salt Lake City.


Yvonne said...

How nice that you still had some time for a little sightseeing in Minnesota! And what a great shop you found with all this lovely quilts. Don't you wish you could take a trunkload of luggage on the plane?

Em said...

Hope you're having fun down in Panguitch. I'm SO JEALOUS! Hey, when you get back I need to get a CD of all those pix -a few inparticular if you know what I mean!? ;o)