June 14, 2010

Traveling Bag Lady!

Last Tuesday evening I met with a group of really awesome ladies. I was fortunate enough to have another Mother/Daughter Bag Night. I went to Debbie Hales home to teach this group how to make the popular Green Apple Tote. We had a delicious summer supper and then we got down to business of making bags. Thanks ladies for letting me part of your night. Let's do it again in the fall. Melinda Stickney and her girls. Debbie Hales and Gayle Davies. Tiffany Jackson and Charlene Hales holding their darling bags.
Does this look like fun to you? If so, please e-mail me so we can get you set up to do this same activity with your group. This bag lady will travel.


Yvonne said...

Everybody looks so happy with their bag. Great job! It must be so much fun to teach and see everyone leave happy with something they made!

Gayle said...

Thank You , Thank You.. It was so fun. I can not wait until fall so we can do it again.