June 16, 2010

Panguitch Part 1

Check this out, this means were off to a good start. This makes me laugh, does it you? It's the famous Stuart picture pose. I love this guy! I have been working on card wallets to sell during the shop hop so I took them so I could start turning them inside out. There are quite a few of them, but I got them all done.

Here's a little glimpse of what I was working on.
Look who met us on mainstreet that night after supper. It's none other than John himself. Can you see the quilt flapping in the wind. All the way down mainstreet they have quilts on every corner commerating the quilt walk.

Whenever we visit other places we like to drive around town to check things out. No matter where you go you always see something like this, don't you? Make me laugh.
The next morning I started right off with my first class, the Mixed Bag. It was taught by Nanette Merrill. I follow Nanette's blog, Freda's Hive so it was finally nice to meet her in person. She is my kind of teacher, she brought us chocolate, and lot's of it.

Myself and Nanette with my finished bag. This pattern is an original of hers. This will be one fun bag to do for the Corn Wagon Bag Ladies. It's on the agenda for fall. Thanks for sharing your talents with us Nanette.

OMG, it's Terri. She's everywhere these days. Here she is at the vendors mall promoting her darling patterns. You can see all that she has to offer on her website, Thankfully Sew. We sure did have fun at market, didn't we Terri? This gal has only been at this for 2 years and boy is she going places.
They had invited anyone to bring in quilts for the quilt show so I took Shannon's Quilt (aka Dresden in the Raw) and Kaitlyn's wedding quilt. My quilt was the very first one you saw as you stepped into the displays. The quilt right next to mine was given the best of show award. It was a tribute quilt to the quilt walkers and was made by Claudia Crump. Look really close to the little pieced quilts on top, they were amazing.

My special quilt. Well, really it's Kaitlyn's but it lives at my house for right now

After lunch we drove up and around Panguitch Lake. Look how full the lake is, it's over flowing.
A few from the other side of the lake. There were lots of nice cabins in this area.
After we left there we drove over to Cedar Breaks. It was cold and windy but very pretty.
Enough for today, let's save something for tomorrow. Should we?
If you want to see other pictures from the festivities Jan Marie has set up a quilt walk blog, she took lots of pictures of all the beautiful quilts. Tell her Shannon sent you.

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Yvonne said...

I was hoping you would publish something about your trip to Panguitch! What a great pictures, first of all Stuart made me laugh! Isn't it fun to be on the road together? I love traveling around with Alex!
Love all the pictures of the beautiful quilts again.