June 17, 2010

Panguitch Part 2

First of all here is a picture of my finished bag. The fabrics are a bit retro. The lining fabric is some I have had in my stash for quite sometime. It just seemed to go with all the other fabrics.
You can see the measuring tape that seperates the two sizes of checks. I'm glad I hadn't gotten rid of it. It's a perfect match.

Friday we headed to Bryce Canyon which is a hop skip and a jump from Panguitch. It was beautiful and the weather was too. Here I am at our first stop.

Is this guy crazy! Who in the world would do something like this? Professional photographers I guess. Do not try this at home!

Stuart at Inspiration Point.
Oh there's a hole in the rock.
And another hole! Can you see it? This is very "holy" ground!
This little sentry was claiming his territory, he didn't want anyone even thinking about coming close.
He would pursue you up and down the poles and try to chase you off the trail.
We pulled up behind this car from Kansas at one of the pullouts. Does this strike you as a little offish. What kind of doggy day care is this? What do you think, do you think he was the Validictorian of his graduating class. I wonder how his speech went. What the heck! Stuart and I couldn't carry on a conversation without making some kind of characterization about dogs and school. What do you think is on their spelling lists? How do they write?
A few sights of wildlife were spotted inside the park. Here is a hen turkey taking her brood of chicks for her morning breakfast walk. I wish you could pick the chicks out of the grass. They were so cute following mama. I don't know how Stuart even spotted this way out in the distance.
One more stop along the way. Picture perfect couple!
A few more pictures of the beautiful formations down in the canyon.
After seeing the park it was time to head back for lunch and to my class.
This is Bonnie, she is explaining one of the steps in appliqueing the flower stems on. This was such a fun class. Both Bonnie and her mother, Brenda were there.
Bonnie and Brenda Bailey and myself.
Later that evening we attended the Quilt Walk dinner show. A local group put on a program about the 7 quiltwalkers and the historic account of the pioneers settling the town of Panguitch. Before the program started they had all the quilters in the audience stand and these cute little pioneer girls handed out fat quarters to all of those standing. What a nice gesture.
Here is my fat quarter. It is laying on the biographies of the 7 men.
If you notice even the tablecloths are quilts.
This is the quilt that won best of show. It depicts those 7 pioneer men using their quilts to walk on top of the snow to get to Parawon for food and supplies. If not for their quilts they all would have surely died along with all those families left behind, starving and cold.
This was made by Claudia Crump one of the organizers of this annual event.
Homeward bound Sunday morning. We took the scenic route over Boulder mountain. First there were rocks, rocks, and more rocks. Then there were cliffs, cliffs and scary cliffs!
We stopped on top to see the sights below. This is the Hilton on wheels!
It was raining as we headed up over Boulder summit but at ten thousand feet it turned into snow! What!, it's the middle of June. And we live in a desert!
This is a beautiful world that we live in and there are miles and miles that you just can't get to. Stuart said, "Where is my horse when I need it?" Hope that this gives you the spark to go adventuring. Please do so and remember to take the rest of us along just for kicks! (pictures, pictures, pictures)

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Yvonne said...

What an awsome pictures! First of all of the bag! And then of Bryce NP of course! Boy did it bring back memories.... I got a picture of Alex & me at the exact same bench you are standing in front of!Didn't you love the high road to boulder with the steep drops aside! Terrible when you are afraid of hights!
The Hilton on wheels looks marvelous it must be so much fun to travel around having a peace of 'home' withe you.