June 18, 2010

More of the CW Family!

The family reunion continues and looky here, it's my favorite cousin Ozzie(Lynette). She happens to be the best hemstitcher around.
And these just happen to be some of my favorites. Kira and Thayne stopped in to see Verna(Grandma)in her spandex only I didn't have the same outfit on as the day before. They were dissappointed. They will have to come again on Saturday if they want to see something funny.

And oh my heck, Claud Melvin(Stuart) totally surprised me with his visit to the family reunion. He came in yelling," Verna, where are you Verna"? "Where's the turnips"? I was in the basement eating lunch at the time. The ladies upstairs couldn't stop laughing and I know the customers didn't know what to think. Claud came in looking for the turnips for his possum stew he was making for supper. What a hoot he was, I don't know about this guy. But he sure did make my day as well as everyone elses. I wonder if he will return.

Aunt Fran(Linda) from Jersey flew into town just for the reunion. It was so good to see her in all her glory. She is quite something, she can be so funny at times. We laugh and laugh with her around.

Aunt Fran with Verna and Myrna. What the heck did Myrna do to her hair? Now we know where she vanished to yesterday. She was gone an awfully long time. Mom(Aunt Flow) was just a bit upset with her because she had the credit card, but look at the "cute" new shirts she bought us. Oh she's sweet.
Just relaxing in the family room, catching up on all the gossip.
Mom's getting tired from all the activities going on.

Look how exhausting family reunions can be. These family members(customers) felt so comfortable on our sofa that they were falling asleep! Oh it's been fun to see so many new faces at the Corn Wagon Family Reunion, we would love to see yours to.


Yvonne said...

Hi Verna,
I really haven't got a clue who all the caracters are. (Are they from a book or a television show or something?) But all the pictures made me laugh so laud that I woke up Alex taking an afternoon nap....oeps! Love the interieur of the shop. I will put Alex on the sofa when I come shopping! hihihi!

JanTSouthwick said...

Your home is just lovely. And is that really the beautiful poncho you made clear back in the 70's hanging on the coat rack!

Shortcake and Company said...

Oh my girls have too much fun to be called working. What a fun place!!

Jan Marie said...

too funny..

Des said...

Okay, that is the funniest theme and presentation that I've seen at the shop hop. Sad i missed it this year. In fact, we never make it that far south on the hop to see Corn Wagon, dang!

Will have to make extra effort to get there.

Very funny!!

Rennie said...

Oh what a lovely funny family you have. Every day I enjoy reading your blog. Yvonne is such a lucky Dutch girl she can visit you with a couple of weeks. My regards.