August 30, 2010

It's Fair Time!

The county fair was two weeks ago and I am just finding the time to blog about it. Since I have worked at the Corn Wagon I have taken some of my quilts down to be shown. This year I took three quilts, but somehow I only got the one picture. This quilt is called Sew Simple and it's a Turning Twenty quilt. It's from the book Turning Twenty Simply Sashed. It recieved a blue ribbon as did the other two I submitted.

I also took down two bags to enter in the Open Sew catagory. Of course I took down "My Favorite Bag" and my Raspberry Ripple from Melly and Me. I was happy to see they both got blue ribbons.

Just after I picked them up, this fun bag was off in the mail to a lady in Salt Lake. She had seen it in the shop and wanted it really bad. I sold it to her and told her that she couldn't have until after the fair was over. She said that was "FAIR", pun unintended! I am so glad she liked it well enough to make that big of fuss over it. What a compliment to me. I hope she's enjoying it.
On my way out I spotted the Cotton Candy station. The girl's would love me if I brought some of this on our outing we were getting ready for. My girl's love this pink and blue stuff you get in the bag. Hey, what ever happened to the good old fashion cone it used to come on?
This picture says it all. Lot's of fun for kids maybe, but not for someone walking around alone looking at quilts and stuff!

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Yvonne said...

Congrats with all the prizes you won! Your work deserves to be rewarded!