August 1, 2010

The 3 S's!

St. George, sewing and sight-seeing. I had to teach a bag class on Thursday July, 29th at Dave's. So when I knew the time frame that Yvonne and Alex were going to be in the St. George area I invited her to attend the class with me. She was so happy that she would be in the states to come sew with me and make a bag.
We met Wednesday night for dinner at Red Lobster, it seems like that is all we have done since they got here. There are so many nice places to take them though. They have to try a little bit of everything before they go back.
Stuart and I invited Alex and Yvonne to breakfast at the house on Thursday morning. Alex said he had waited five days for an egg. So that's what we did, eggs over easy. Plus hashbrowns, toast, bacon and sausage and fresh fruit. We were stuffed and ready to go sew.
Yvonne's first bag class. She had so much fun sewing on a Bernina. The whole time she was sewing you could tell that she wanted one of these nice machines of her own.
While the girl's were sewing Stuart took Alex to the Ford dealer to see all the new trucks out on the market. Sticker shock! You can have one for a souviner if you want Alex!

Lookin good, lookin good!

They also visited the Wildlife Museum there in St. George. Alex said they had worked so hard it was time for ice cream. So off to Baskin Robbins they went. What? They went without us, we were working hard too! After their busy morning they came to hang out with us during the rest of class.
Yvonne's bag turned out really cute. A proud owner of a Fat Quarter bag. She did an awesome job on it to. I hope she enjoys using it.
Alex making his wish list looking at the Ford catalog! Still dreaming of the souviner from the states.
What fun ladies I'm getting to know. Yvonne, Myself, Janice and Elisa. This is the second class these ladies have take from me. I hope to see them again.
She did it, she really did it. Yvonne bought herself a really nice Bernina to take back home with her. It's a birthday present just a tad early. She said she's not taking any chances so it will be her carry on while they travel. She saved alot of money by buying it here in the states. She is going to be sewing like the speed of lightning now. I don't think she will be giving up her hand piecing entirely though. This will just speed things up a little for her.
After resting the afternoon away, we once again met for supper. This time we took them to one of our favorite places, Texas Roadhouse. Oh boy, were we stuffed but there's always room for ice cream or yogart, right?

We took the Van Rijn's to the LDS temple grounds after dinner. Isn't this picture the most amazing thing. It is awesome that the Book of Morman in translated in so many languages. We even found the Dutch version. I think they enjoyed the time we spent there visiting with Sis. Jensen. She was so kind and patient as she explained and answered many questions for us.
Come to find out, there is a temple just 15 miles from Yvonne and Alex's home. It is in Hague'. I hope they will go visit there.
Told you there was always room for yogart. We discovered this place the last time we were in St. George. The name of it is Krave. You help yourself to as many flavors as you want, you just pay by the ounce at the end. They have lots of mix in's to add to your yogart.
Oh, it's so hard decide isn't it Yvonne?
My favorites there are the Pineapple Dole Whip and the Cake Batter. Yummy, I want some more of this and soon!
Am I smiling? lol
I thought it was time to say our goodbyes after a fabulous week of getting to know each other. I wasn't quite ready to say my goodbyes yet. Who knows how long it will be before we see each other again but we can stay in touch by e-mailing and blogging. Isn't blogging a wonderful thing. I can see what's she's doing and she can keep track of the things I'm doing. That's what brought us together in the first place, right? Yvonne suggested that we get together one last time around the 12th of August when they are back in this area. I'm sure we will be meeting for lunch or dinner and we can spend a little more time together. I will be looking forward to that date.
On the way home on Friday all Stuart and I talked about was what a great time we have had with our guests. When out of the clear blue sky we both noticed this cloud appear. At the same time both Stuart and I said, "What does that cloud look like?" You decide.
Don't you think it looks like a Mickey Mouse balloon. We both laughed about it and then I watched it for several minutes as it turned into different shapes. At one time it looked like and elephant with a really long trunk. Oh, the little things that bring us happiness. The clouds were so light and fluffy that day. Just like a big tub of cotton candy.

I did manage to make it to Ace Hardware. A downfall for me. I found these Diawabo's for 50% off. I couldn't pass them up, I got half yard cuts of all of them to go with the ones I have in my stash already. I'm planning a really neat quilt to use them in. I think I have enough to get started, I just have to find the time to fit it in.
From my stash, won't they all look great together.
They also had all of their Christmas fabrics at 30% off. I found this Moda Vintage Christmas line that will go perfectly in my living room. Can't wait to get started on it. You know, Christmas is coming!
When we got home I found this in the refrigerator. Our sweet Angie had made supper for us that night. What a sweetheart!
She made us the most delicious chicken enchalatias I have ever tasted. She can cook for me anytime she wants! Thanks for the great welcome home Angie, this was worth coming home a day early.


Yvonne said...

What a great post you put on again! I didn't open my box yet but I can't wait to get my machine home! Alex had got some more eggs but by far they didn't come close to Stuarts delicious breakfast!
I love the fabric that you bought! Did you buy it at an hardware store? Angie is so sweet! You are so lucky to have her!

Jan Marie said...

sounds like you had a great time.