August 13, 2010

Girl's Camp....Again!

As for girl's camp we thought we were off the hook this year for being the camp hosts. Our stake didn't do a girl's camp together, it was all done on ward levels. So we were a little surprised when our ward leaders showed up at the door to ask us to do this great honor for the girl's and leaders. This year we went up to Bennion Creek in Spanish Fork Canyon, not the luxuries they are used to at KoHoLoWo, but these girls know how to have fun anywhere they are. The kitchen help, Sister Johnson and Sister Brunson and of course Stuart. It's his favorite place to be.
Stuart helping one of the young women make our dessert after dinner the first night. It was a yummy chocolate mud cake done in the dutch oven. Not only did we have chocolate but we were spoiled with peach cobbler too.

If it's got marshmallows you know it's going to be good. And it was!

After dinner the first night, Sister Marrott with the Stake YW Presidency gave a wonderful talk
on how we can share our light within ourselves to keep buring. After her talk all of the girl's lit a candle as a symbol of their own light within.
While I was there I did a little sewing, it's great to have a generator that lets me do this.I worked on some fun clutch purses. And then I donated one of them to the secret sister box.

This is the one that went to a special YW. I think she liked it alot, because everytime I saw her she was carrying it around with her.
There is a pond where the girl's love to go swimming and boating. This is Stuart acting as the life guard, not dressed for the occasion but he would of piled in if anything were to happen. Thank goodness nothing ever goes wrong.
The ducks on the pond sing a happy song!
Lot's of swingers at this camp!
Look at those fancy paddles. Anything in a pinch! Remember we are in the woods.
One, two, three, jump!
The bridge leading us to our trailer.
Mother natures wonders. This is a natural dam made from the tree branches that had fallen.
There are lots of wildflowers. Imagine in August in the desert that flowers are still blossoming.
One evening this special young mother came and talked to the YW about the challenges of being hearing impaired. She as been this way since birth, what a uplifting message she shared with the girls. She is a mother to 4 young children and has just gotten cocular implant. This was an awesome devontional.
Is this really Bishop and Sister Garrzand? They were the hit of the dance off later that evening. The bishopric brought supper and dessert to us that night and after they had fun dancing to the songs of the 80's. Fun was had by all.
Bishop Garrzand and his daughter, Jessie dancing the night away.
Retiring the flag was always on the agenda right before supper each evening.
We had lots of other great experiences while attending camp this time around. We are now looking forward to being the camp hosts the last of September at KoHoLoWo. But there's just one thing wrong when you do it in September, there's no girl's there. They are all back in school, but they need hosts til the first part of October so we signed on. This should be a nice relaxing birthday week.


Yvonne said...

What a fun and meaningful time you had together. You told us already but it really shows of with the pictures!

Alice said...

Looks like fun.

JanTSouthwick said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Those girls and their leaders are lucky to have you and Stuart.