August 19, 2010

The First of Our Goodbye Part 1

On August 11th Stuart and I met Yvonne and Alex at Gardner's Village. This would be one of two of our last gatherings before they caught their flight to the Netherlands on Friday afternoon.We stopped in Archibald's and had a nice supper. We had a great time visiting with them again and getting all caught up from all their travels the couple of weeks they were gone from our area. They really have been to some interesting and fun places while they have been here. We mingled around the shops in the village. I think Yvonne enjoyed the quilt shop the most. She was able to buy all her "BEE" friends back home a little gift. She is so thoughtful, always thinking of others.
" I don't think it will fit in your suitcase Yvonne!" Yvonne really has a love for anything western or things that remind her of her travels to the states. She purchased a really cute wooden American Flag and frame to take home instead of the bed.

Here we are in the quilt shop, Pine Needles. This is on my list of favorite places to visit. They always have such cute quilts and darling displays. We said our goodbyes for the evening. They would be joining us on Thursday for their last night in Utah. Our time together was coming to an end.
On our way out Stuart and I spotted these gorgeous sunflowers. They remind me that fall is on it's way. There's just something about the beauty of them that makes me happy.
Another great adventure with Yvonne and Alex. It seems that we have known these fine folks for a very long time. We will miss them so much.

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Yvonne said...

Oh, oh that bed! I can still dream about it! But that is a good thing, you can't have it all! I am also happy with my little frame! A nice memory of a perfect day spend with special friends!