August 19, 2010

Goodbyes Part 2

Yvonne just couldn't go home without making one more stop to the Corn Wagon. I showed her the article that appeared in the Spanish Fork Press about her entry in the quilt show during Fiesta Days. She was so happy that she could take it home to share with everyone.She finally got to meet Emily of Crazy Old Ladies. Yvonne was fortunate enough to win one of Emily's give aways and she delivered her patterns in person.
Emily, Yvonne and myself.
Later that evening Stuart was cooking for the Jr. Livestock dinner so we invited them to join us for steak, dutch oven potatoes and corn on the cob. This was something new for both of them.
Stuart and his famous dutch oven cobblers. Yvonne had to try all three kinds.

They even got to meet some of our extended family. My sister Tamara and her husband Richard, their cute daughter Karissa.
" Is this how you do it?"

This is when things really got emotional for both of us. It was hard saying goodbye to each other, who would think that a friendship could be this strong just from blogging.
Once last hug, hopefully it won't be to long before we can see them again. What an awesome experience this has been for me. A lasting friendship that I know will last forever.

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Yvonne said...

Alex and I are reliving our last few days in Utah again while reading your blog. Many sweet memories and I am just as sure as you are that we made a solid foundation for a long lasting friendship!