August 15, 2010

Shopping with Grandma!

Two years ago when Hatch was starting Kindergarten I thought it would be fun to take him to lunch and to go shopping for something for back to school. I remember doing this with my Grandma Thomas so why not do it with my grandkids. It has become one of my favorite August activities to do with him. Hatch will be entering the 2nd grade this year. Time is flying by with this kid. We set out last Monday for our annual day out. He is always so excited to go in the "HOT CAR". He told me once he couldn't believe his grandma drove a race car! We stopped for gas at the Spout and picked us up a drink.
He chose the same place we went last year for lunch. Five Guys Burgers and Fries. His burger just about didn't fit in his tiny mouth. The fries at this place are fresh cut everyday. Yummy for the tummy.
After taking Hatch's picture he wanted to do mine. My burger didn't fit in my mouth either!
I let Hatch decide where he wanted to go shopping and he chose Gunnies Western Wear in Orem. He's a cowboy through and through. He picked out a couple of nice shirts and really wanted this vest to go with but I told him that it would be way to hot for it. Maybe for Christmas.
After shopping we stopped for yogart at Yogart Bliss in Spanish Fork before I took him home. He chose the Red Velvet Cake and loaded it with blueberries, chocolate chips and brownie chunks. A match made in heaven.

We had such a fun day together. Here we are showing off his new shirts. Now it's time to go home and get ready for a day of shopping with Karas. Oh my, this little tike is starting Kindergarten so now it's her turn to start this tradition.
So I picked her up in Santaquin Tuesday morning and we were off for a great adventure.
First we stopped at Old Navy and Karas was more intrigued with the Old Navy dog than shopping. What a kind of girl is this? Once I got her in the cart we did really well.

We found her a really cute little dress and as I was searching for some leggings I turned around just as she was putting this vest on. "Cute huh grandma"? I just started laughing. What a sweetie pie. I don't know if she understood everything I was doing for her but I sure had fun spoiling her.
Surprisingly she picked the right size. Summer's not even over and they already have their down filled vests in. I told her maybe for Christmas too!
After we had done the damage in Old Navy I took Karas to Chickfilet in the University Mall. She likes this place I was told by her mother. And she was right she ate every bit of her chicken and fries. (Opps, forgot to load the picture).
When Hatch and I were leaving Five Guys I noticed a new cupcake stop. He didn't want one, so this was the perfect opportunity to try it out. I knew Karas liked cupcakes so we were off to cupcake heaven. This cute place is called Cupcake Chic. This is how it's described on the front door.
Karas chose the Neopalitan and that's just how it looked. Chocolate on the bottom, vanilla in the middle and lots of strawberry icing. I tried the coconut, and it was just delightful. I will be making more stops here when I am in Orem that's for sure.
Isn't she cute?
How do you finish off a perfect day of lunch and shopping? With a great big hug and thank you that's how. Now I can look forward to this outing with Karas every August, just as I do with Hatch.


Anonymous said...

This one made me tear up. She is really going to kindergarten! It feels so different from when Hatch went. I was worried about him but I am so excited for her. I think a huge bloom is in store for her. Thanks for taking her even though she's different. I know she doesn't understand what the "date" is all about but I know she had a fun day out!

Yvonne said...

What a great tradition! I remember reading about your day out with Hatch last year! How time flies....and now it is Karas turn too. I hope she will love it at kindergarten. They are so cute, the both of them. In a few years you are going to be very busy the first week of august...!

Rennie said...

Hai Shannon, What a lovely kids they are. I enjoy your blog and all the stories you write. I give you my regards from the South of French where Iám staying for holidays.

daurenet said...

Oh what a great idea. I may have to start that tradition with my grandbabies. Emma starts preschool,does that count? I have missed you so much. Have had a very busy summer. Loving that twist quilt. Hope to stop by very soon :) Love ya :)

Alice said...

What a couple of lucky kids!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Shannon! Cute grandkids! What a fun tradition. How come your email doesn't work?
Sue Petersen

Shortcake and Company said...

This is such a fun tradition. And what a fun grandma you your hot car and all.