November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

I hope everyone had a save and Happy Halloween. Ours was some what quiet, we only had 8 trick or treaters and 4 of those were nieces and a nephew. Doesn't anyone trick or treat like they used too? Here at the Whitehouse we celebrated Halloween having our usual sloppy joes dinner with all the trimmings and then decorating sugar cookies.
Well looky here, we have the gang from 101 Dalmations. They showed up at the front door for their treats.
Aren't they the cutest all dressed up. Hatch was the dog catcher. Thayne was one of the dalmations, but he told me he was "a dog with ears!" And of course Karas was Cruella DeVille.

Little Miss M was Tinkerbell or Stinkerbell as I called her.

Here's Hatch with his monster of a cookie.
And Grandpa and Karas enjoying a sugar cookie together.
Smile Thayne!

For the kids treat this year we gave each one of them a box of cold cereal and a Halloween bowl plus some other goodies.
Inside their bags they found their cereal. I picked up Count Chocula, Boo Berry, and Frankein Berry. This is something they could eat all week waiting for the big day. They were probably all on a sugar rush before the end of the week got here.
Cruella and her cereal.
Jacob and Angie with their carved pumpkins. Hope your day was just a fun.


Yvonne said...

That looks just like so much fun Shannon! The kids really look lovely, all of them! What a great picture of them coming into the door of your house with those quilts hanging above the stairs. It reminds me of the time we showed up at your doorstep last summer. I still think about it often! I am glad you all had a good Halloween night and Angie came over to, that is nice!

Allie said...

Such dang cute kids!