June 29, 2010

Bag Class!

Where has June gone, it's almost time to celebrate July 4th. Hope you all have big plans for that day. Just thought I would share what bag we are making for our Bag Ladies Class. This is one big bag and it's great for so many things. A sleepover at Grandma's, the beach, a college students laundry, camping or just use it for your handbag if you are one of those that carries everything but the kitchen sink. Oh, but it probably would hold the kitchen sink it's that big! The outside of the bag is 6 fat quarters and a coordinating fabric for the lining, 2 1/4 yards to be exact.
Isn't she a cutie? I will teaching this bag twice in July. The first class is on July 22nd @ 6:00 p.m. at the Corn Wagon in Springville and then it's off to St. George to teach it at Dave's Bernina on the 29th @ 10:00 a.m. If you are in the vacinity of either of these places and want to try your hand at this bag call and get your name on the list. I'd love to see you.

June 18, 2010

More of the CW Family!

The family reunion continues and looky here, it's my favorite cousin Ozzie(Lynette). She happens to be the best hemstitcher around.
And these just happen to be some of my favorites. Kira and Thayne stopped in to see Verna(Grandma)in her spandex only I didn't have the same outfit on as the day before. They were dissappointed. They will have to come again on Saturday if they want to see something funny.

And oh my heck, Claud Melvin(Stuart) totally surprised me with his visit to the family reunion. He came in yelling," Verna, where are you Verna"? "Where's the turnips"? I was in the basement eating lunch at the time. The ladies upstairs couldn't stop laughing and I know the customers didn't know what to think. Claud came in looking for the turnips for his possum stew he was making for supper. What a hoot he was, I don't know about this guy. But he sure did make my day as well as everyone elses. I wonder if he will return.

Aunt Fran(Linda) from Jersey flew into town just for the reunion. It was so good to see her in all her glory. She is quite something, she can be so funny at times. We laugh and laugh with her around.

Aunt Fran with Verna and Myrna. What the heck did Myrna do to her hair? Now we know where she vanished to yesterday. She was gone an awfully long time. Mom(Aunt Flow) was just a bit upset with her because she had the credit card, but look at the "cute" new shirts she bought us. Oh she's sweet.
Just relaxing in the family room, catching up on all the gossip.
Mom's getting tired from all the activities going on.

Look how exhausting family reunions can be. These family members(customers) felt so comfortable on our sofa that they were falling asleep! Oh it's been fun to see so many new faces at the Corn Wagon Family Reunion, we would love to see yours to.

June 17, 2010

Panguitch Part 2

First of all here is a picture of my finished bag. The fabrics are a bit retro. The lining fabric is some I have had in my stash for quite sometime. It just seemed to go with all the other fabrics.
You can see the measuring tape that seperates the two sizes of checks. I'm glad I hadn't gotten rid of it. It's a perfect match.

Friday we headed to Bryce Canyon which is a hop skip and a jump from Panguitch. It was beautiful and the weather was too. Here I am at our first stop.

Is this guy crazy! Who in the world would do something like this? Professional photographers I guess. Do not try this at home!

Stuart at Inspiration Point.
Oh there's a hole in the rock.
And another hole! Can you see it? This is very "holy" ground!
This little sentry was claiming his territory, he didn't want anyone even thinking about coming close.
He would pursue you up and down the poles and try to chase you off the trail.
We pulled up behind this car from Kansas at one of the pullouts. Does this strike you as a little offish. What kind of doggy day care is this? What do you think, do you think he was the Validictorian of his graduating class. I wonder how his speech went. What the heck! Stuart and I couldn't carry on a conversation without making some kind of characterization about dogs and school. What do you think is on their spelling lists? How do they write?
A few sights of wildlife were spotted inside the park. Here is a hen turkey taking her brood of chicks for her morning breakfast walk. I wish you could pick the chicks out of the grass. They were so cute following mama. I don't know how Stuart even spotted this way out in the distance.
One more stop along the way. Picture perfect couple!
A few more pictures of the beautiful formations down in the canyon.
After seeing the park it was time to head back for lunch and to my class.
This is Bonnie, she is explaining one of the steps in appliqueing the flower stems on. This was such a fun class. Both Bonnie and her mother, Brenda were there.
Bonnie and Brenda Bailey and myself.
Later that evening we attended the Quilt Walk dinner show. A local group put on a program about the 7 quiltwalkers and the historic account of the pioneers settling the town of Panguitch. Before the program started they had all the quilters in the audience stand and these cute little pioneer girls handed out fat quarters to all of those standing. What a nice gesture.
Here is my fat quarter. It is laying on the biographies of the 7 men.
If you notice even the tablecloths are quilts.
This is the quilt that won best of show. It depicts those 7 pioneer men using their quilts to walk on top of the snow to get to Parawon for food and supplies. If not for their quilts they all would have surely died along with all those families left behind, starving and cold.
This was made by Claudia Crump one of the organizers of this annual event.
Homeward bound Sunday morning. We took the scenic route over Boulder mountain. First there were rocks, rocks, and more rocks. Then there were cliffs, cliffs and scary cliffs!
We stopped on top to see the sights below. This is the Hilton on wheels!
It was raining as we headed up over Boulder summit but at ten thousand feet it turned into snow! What!, it's the middle of June. And we live in a desert!
This is a beautiful world that we live in and there are miles and miles that you just can't get to. Stuart said, "Where is my horse when I need it?" Hope that this gives you the spark to go adventuring. Please do so and remember to take the rest of us along just for kicks! (pictures, pictures, pictures)

June 16, 2010

Meet the Fam!

My Corn Wagon Family that is. We have gathered for the Corn Wagon Family Reunion that's taking place this weekend, we are celebrating the Shop Hop. Stop in and say hi to everyone, we can't wait to see all of our long lost Corn Wagon Family.

Let me introduce you. On each end of the couch we have Verna(Me) and Myrna(MaryAnn), identical twins born to Aunt Flo(Marsha), the rich aunt from Florida. Have you know we are two days apart. Mryna is the talented one. You should see her shop hop quilt! Aunt Flo is there on the end in the lovely blue flamingo dress. She loves those little pink creatures! Now moving on, sitting right by me is cousin, Betty B.(Lynette), she knows all that geneology stuff! Sitting next to Betty is Aunt Tillie(Margene), she's known to be the cheek pincher and she loves to give kisses! I can't forget Grandma Gert(Kristen). She is aging very well, she looks so youthful! Moving onto the back row. We have cousin Bobby Sue(Suzanne), she's been in love several times but things just didn't work out with Larry or Steve. I wonder who this Cindy is? Next to Bobby Sue there is Timothy McGeek(Diana), he's our computer savvy kid! Can you see cousin Claudia(Marianne), she is really attached to those horse trophies. She's quite the cowgirl! Next we have cousin Victoria(Mariah), she's the shy one of the bunch. And there on the end we have cousin Mo(Ramona), she spends most of her time in the basement, quilting I guess!

Now that you know the fam, don't you want to come meet them in person? There's so much more to share and I can't wait for Aunt Fran to stop in, I hear she's on her way!


This is a blog entry I wanted to do last summer but I never took the picture to tell you about it. This is Dr. Trapnell's office building that I pass by on my way to work. I would notice the colors getting my vibrant everytime I drove by. By the end of the summer season these planters were beautiful. So last week I noticed they had hung the baskets out again for this summer season. I just happened to have my camera. Yup, I am going to show you just how beautiful these get. I will be posting periodically throughout the summer.
Just today when I passed I noticed some color showing through. We're on our way to beautiful!

Panguitch Part 1

Check this out, this means were off to a good start. This makes me laugh, does it you? It's the famous Stuart picture pose. I love this guy! I have been working on card wallets to sell during the shop hop so I took them so I could start turning them inside out. There are quite a few of them, but I got them all done.

Here's a little glimpse of what I was working on.
Look who met us on mainstreet that night after supper. It's none other than John himself. Can you see the quilt flapping in the wind. All the way down mainstreet they have quilts on every corner commerating the quilt walk.

Whenever we visit other places we like to drive around town to check things out. No matter where you go you always see something like this, don't you? Make me laugh.
The next morning I started right off with my first class, the Mixed Bag. It was taught by Nanette Merrill. I follow Nanette's blog, Freda's Hive so it was finally nice to meet her in person. She is my kind of teacher, she brought us chocolate, and lot's of it.

Myself and Nanette with my finished bag. This pattern is an original of hers. This will be one fun bag to do for the Corn Wagon Bag Ladies. It's on the agenda for fall. Thanks for sharing your talents with us Nanette.

OMG, it's Terri. She's everywhere these days. Here she is at the vendors mall promoting her darling patterns. You can see all that she has to offer on her website, Thankfully Sew. We sure did have fun at market, didn't we Terri? This gal has only been at this for 2 years and boy is she going places.
They had invited anyone to bring in quilts for the quilt show so I took Shannon's Quilt (aka Dresden in the Raw) and Kaitlyn's wedding quilt. My quilt was the very first one you saw as you stepped into the displays. The quilt right next to mine was given the best of show award. It was a tribute quilt to the quilt walkers and was made by Claudia Crump. Look really close to the little pieced quilts on top, they were amazing.

My special quilt. Well, really it's Kaitlyn's but it lives at my house for right now

After lunch we drove up and around Panguitch Lake. Look how full the lake is, it's over flowing.
A few from the other side of the lake. There were lots of nice cabins in this area.
After we left there we drove over to Cedar Breaks. It was cold and windy but very pretty.
Enough for today, let's save something for tomorrow. Should we?
If you want to see other pictures from the festivities Jan Marie has set up a quilt walk blog, she took lots of pictures of all the beautiful quilts. Tell her Shannon sent you.

Let's Celebrate!

It's time once again for the "Wasatch Front Shop Hop". This big event starts today, June 16th and runs until Saturday the 19th. We are celebrating 10 years this year, plan to visit some of the celebrations going on. Each shop is a different celebration. You can visit the Utah Shop Hop website to find the list of participating shops and their locations. Make sure you stop by the Corn Wagon Family Reunion and tell them cousin Verna sent ya!

June 14, 2010

Wanna see what's in my bag?

This is a picture of all the loot I brought home from market. Want to see everything close up? OK, here we go!
These are all the books and patterns I bought. A few of each, bags and quilts are my favorites.

This one is probably my favorite pattern that I purchased. I'm working on one as I am writing. I can't wait to share it with you when I am done. I'm doing something really special with it.
And these are patterns that were given to me from some of the vendors. Wow, when will I get to all of these? The two cute notebooks were from Sandi Henderson and Anna Marie Horner. Can't wait to use them. Everyone was so nice to share with me.
A few goodies from Andover, Benertex and Westminster Fabrics, my plate signed by Kate and a fun bag kit from Art Gallery Studios. It had all the hardware in it as well.
My fabric bundles from Quilt Soup and Robert Kaufman. Let's get sewing for Christmas!
This is the big bag that Moda gives everyone at Sample Spree. From the Moda boothe I bought the whole fat quarter bundles of Bliss from Bonnie and Camille and Hoot from MoMo. You will start seeing the Bliss line in stores right away.
And this cute minkee bag was given to me by one of the Shannon Fabric reps. Shannon Fabrics specializes in the really soft and plush minkee fabrics. I wish that I would have invented it!
My purchases from Charlette's Quilting Web in Stillwater.
Vintage goodies from the little shops in old town Stillwater.
Can you beleive that all of this fit in my luggage? No wonder it cost me extra to get my luggage home! Silly me.