April 23, 2011

It's Easter time!

The lillies are bought for our loved ones at the cemetary, check. Cupcakes and treats are made. Check.
The eggs are filled. Check.
The baskets(bags) are stuffed. Check.
And the eggs are colored!

Have an "EGGS"-cellent Easter.

But remember Jesus is the reason for the season.


~Niki~ said...

yep, we're pretty ready too~going to an egg hunt this mornin', then pretty much relaxing. happy E!

Yvonne said...

You are really making lots of work of your Waarde Easter holidays. Is the Easter Bunny coming to hide the eggs?

Martha said...

Love your Easter pictures! We got to Utah on Friday and just finished coloring eggs with the grandkids. I hope to see you at your quilt shop this week. I want to buy a Twist ruler and book.. Can't wait to visit the quilt shops here.