April 17, 2011

Something for the Mr.!

A new quilt at the White house, made just for the President to go in the Ground Force 1. Do you get it? If you don't, let me explain. The official White house President always travels in Air Force 1 but at this White house we travel in a 5th wheel trailer, hence the GF1! We are just waiting for the license plates to make it official. I started this quilt last fall while traveling in our new trailer. I picked the fabric up in St. George on one of our trips there. I ran out of a couple of the fabrics so I just pushed it aside for awhile and kind of forgot about it. It wasn't until I was looking for something in my sewing room that I ran upon this UFP(unfinished project). To make a long story short I located the fabric pieces I needed online and finished it just in time for mine and Stuart's 30th wedding anniversary gift.
Ramona finished the quilting and I got the binding on. Unfortunately I didn't get it bound before I had to give it to him. I finished that job while I was teaching at a retreat in Fairview.
All finished up and ready for snuggling.
I think he's enjoying it already, what do you think?

Happy napping!

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Yvonne said...

Your quilt is beautiful Shannon, lovely fabric and colors you used. I like the stars Ramona stitched in it and the cute binding you used. Never seen a President more relaxed.....LOL!