April 13, 2011

Need shoes!

Every sewer should have a pair of these in their closet!

For $795.00, they can be yours. Are you going to sew in them or wear them to Quilt Market? Which by the way is in Salt Lake this year. I'll be there, will you?


Yvonne said...

They are really cute. A bit expensive to put in my closet! Walking on them wouldn't be an option for would look funny though!

daurenet said...

Not worth the money. I so want to go to quilt market, hoping to. Just remembered, what happened to your 500th post? How many bags did you have? And am so missing your post, can't wait for you to catch us up on all your adventures :)

Melody said...

I would have so worn those shoes way back when. I wish I could go to Market. I hope you enjoy every moment of it.