April 16, 2011

Number 30, oh my!

Two weeks ago today(am I that far behind?) Stuart and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. Wow, where did 30 years go? I can still remember that day like it was yesterday. Looking back now, we have raised kids through school years, vacations, dance reviews, HS graduations, weddings, College graduations, and now 5 grandkids later, I can see that time does really fly. I hope the next 30 years are just as eventful.

We took an overnight trip to Salt Lake with Kira and John. We started Saturday night by eating at Pat's BBQ. Great food and atmosphere.

We have been wanting to try Pat's ever since we saw Guy on the T.V. show Diner's, Dash In's and Dive's. He gave this resturant an awesome review, we were not dissappointed. Kira and John enjoying their night away from the kidlets. A well deserved get away for both of them. I remember those day's.
The anniversary couple.

What's this? A surprise from Stuart. What should I do with this guy? He's always so thoughtful and kind. I think I'll keep him! What's inside this small box?
Let's open it and find out.
One happy girl. Just look at that face!
It even made me cry!

After dinner we checked into our rooms at the Marriott. We fancied up a bit and off we went downtown to the George Strait and Reba concert.
We have been to many of George's concerts but we have never had 19th row seats. This picture looks like he's a million miles away but we were right there in front. As always the show was awesome. Great food, good company and great music.

Sunday morning we woke up to this. Wow, what happened to spring?
Snow, snow and more snow. But it was quite beautiful.
Just chillin' waiting for breakfast.
Ahh, breakfast in bed! What a great way to start the day.

Time to head home, just as soon as Stuart clears all the snow off the car. This is crazy!
And when we got home, we saw this. The wind and the snow reaped havoc on one of our trees out front. It's April for heaven's sake. But then again it snowed on our wedding day too.
For lunch later that afternoon Jacob and Angie celebrated with us at Ruby River Steakhouse.
Number 30 only happens once, celebrate in a big way, right? Thanks everyone for the anniversary wishes and helping us celebrate.
Oh, and if you are wondering what was in that little black box, it was this. Isn't it beautiful?
A diamond and ruby ring for someone special, ME(Ruby)!


Martha said...

Happy anniversary! Looks like you had a great time.

daurenet said...

Oh does he know how to treat you right! That ring is
Bee-U-tee-ful :). Looks like you really had a lot of fun!

Yvonne said...

What a fun anniversary you had! Not only George but Reba too! And the ring is lovely!Very cute! It must have been special to celebrate it with your first born!