April 25, 2011

Pretty Posies are making the rounds!

Barbara Larsen the Home Ec and Teen Living teacher at Mt. Nebo Jr. High invited me to come to her classes to show her students my presentation on posies and the many ways you can accent with them. I met Barbara several months ago in one of my quilt classes. She does a wonderful job with her students. Her sewing projects are fresh and fun. Just what the young girl's like these days, so why don't we add posies to the list.Some of the ways you could use this posie are to accent hats, jewelry, bags, headbands, jackets or maybe even a bathrobe and slippers. Oh and even flip flops, a favorite to the girl's.
Let the learning begin.

I don't know how Barbara teaches such a big sewing class. It takes patience I'm sure. But this class was well behaved and willing to learn.Shannon meet Shannon. I love my name and especially when I can share it with someone else.

I told these students this is where it all started for me. I had the best Jr. High sewing teacher that instilled in my heart the love of sewing. I hope I have lit a part of their fire within

to keep sewing and creating. Keep up the good work ladies and a few gents.


Yvonne said...

It must have been fun to enspire those girls with your lovely possies. I am sure they all loved your class!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

sew sew sew cute!