May 14, 2011

Finally a Post!

And not that I haven't wanted to. What the heck has been up with blogger these last couple of days. Ghees, just when I get in the mood too! Wow have the last couple of weeks been crazy ones around here. We've celebrated two birthdays, a college graduation, sewing and sproofing up the shop for market (since it's here in Utah, yeah)! I will get to all the post later but since market is so fresh on my mind I will start there. Yesterday I went with four of the ladies from the Corn Wagon. Lynette, Char(a former employee), Suzanne, and Mary. So many fun boothes to look at already, the first one, Dana from Lazy Daisy Cotttage from St. George. The one thing about having market in your home state you really get to see alot of the Utah designers and boy do we have an abundance of them. Dana has a new line coming out for Henry Glass called Ohh La La. Just adoooooorable! I think it must of been kind of a bag day. Maybe today will be a quilts day. Isn't this a cute one from Quilts Illustrated. It's made from Quilt Soups new line. Everythings coming up roses, on bags!

One of my favorite designers, Amy from Katie Cupcake. Remember "My Favorite Bag" that was so popular and still is. You can see it hanging up behind her on the bottom and on the top is her new version of it "My Little Favorite Bag". Amy has asked me to bag test again for her. I will be doing this one and another one called Simply Delicious. I can't wait to get started on them next week. I will be able to share them with you when they are completed. It wouldn't be Katie Cupcake without the cupcakes. Very delightful little things.

Another favorite I hit today was Bonnie and Camille. Bonnie is the Cotton Way gal and Camille is the Thimbleblossoms gal. They are a mother daughter team. Their new line for Moda is called "Ruby" and yes I have already scored me some. Yahoo! For those that don't know my nickname or is it a nickname I don't know, but any who its Ruby. Stuart has called me that since the day we were married. But not only has it a great name, it's darling as can be. Just look at all the possibilities to do with dear, sweet, Ruby! Will I want to cut or stash it?

Valorie Wells sharing something new with me. As you recall I have made several and I mean several of her card wallets. Well that pattern now has a big sister.

This bag is a must, look at that flower would ya? This particular bag is from Piece of Cakes new line from Robert Kaufman. The bag is from a designer named Renae Martin and it is called Purse Strings. Can't wait to get it.

My oh my, look who's doing some ordering at the Moda boothe. It's Marsha and Mary Ann. Now we can say the "Gangs" all here, well sort of. We had to leave a couple at the shop to keep things going!

Mary Jacobsen meet Mary Jacobsen of Me & My Sister from Moda!

Now for the exciting part of the post. My great friend Emily from Crazy Old Ladies has once again asked me to help in her boothe. So that's where I will be today and tomorrow but that's not the only thing exciting, the real thing is that Emily has her very own fabric line out now. She has just signed up with Michael Miller and she is over the moon about it. She deserves to be. Em has worked so hard getting her drawings out there and she did it. Way to go Em! I'm so proud of you and all of your hard work. Now let me introduce you to Going Coastal from Emily Herrick from Crazy Old Ladies for Michael Miller.

The fabric just arrived last week, she has been sewing like a whirl wind trying to get everything done and ready in time for the show and that girl did it! Your local shops should have this fabric line in by early July. Put this on the list for sure.Emily's boothe looks just like you were on the Pier of a beach. She didn't forget any detail did she.

Table and chair courtesy of me--

(Shannon, right off my front porch. Priceless!)
If you are in the Michael Miller boothe area today, which is aisle 400 stop in and say hi.

Let the fun begin, these are the patterns to get started on Amy's bags. They were waiting for me when I got home from Quilt Market tonight. One down two more to go.

Oh by the way, any of you going to the Bloggers Quilt Meet-Up at the Blue Lemon @ 5:00 p.m. It sounds like they have a really fun evening planned. I understand they have lots of swag and prizes to give away. I'm in are you? Hope to see you there.


Martha said...

Shannon, this is a terrific post!! The pictures are great! Thanks for letting us "visit" market, too. Can't wait to see today's post. I know you are having fun.

Yvonne said...

This looks like a great Market Shannon, am I wrong or is it really different from the one in PA? Emily's boothe does really look great. Can't believe all the work she has done in such a short time! You must be all verty tired by now but I hope you had some great days with lots of fun!

Jan Marie said...

I was at market but how did I miss this booth. I have adored this fabric from the net and how did I miss it in person. I think I must have zoned out after the first several thousand booths. I am excited to see the smaller version of my favorite bag done up.

daurenet said...

Oh I love all the pictures. Looks like you had lot of fun. One of these days I am going to make it to quilt market. It's on my bucket list.