May 27, 2011

Testing Complete!

And I think I passed them both. Kati Cupcake notified me that she needed testers for some of her new patterns to be released in just a few short weeks. She sent me the patterns for her cute new bags. Besides Amy, I am the only other sewer to make them. Just call me lucky! They were fabulous to make. It was my task to watch for typo's, make sure the cutting instructions were clear, and watch for any unclear steps. I didn't find much that needed to be changed. So without further adew here is Simply Delecious and My Little Favorite Bag. The first two photo's are the cover's of Amy's bag patterns.

First my Simply Delicious. This pattern actually comes in two sizes. I chose to make the large one. The fabric I used is from the new line Sew Cherry from Lori Holt for Riley Blake Designs. This fabric reminds me of a line of fabric that was out a few years ago called "Swell" from Moda. I think that's why I like it "sew" well.

The strap is something I haven't seen on a bag yet. Amy really did put some detail into the strap. It's really clever.

Big outside pockets.

And check out the bias trimmmed bottom. Very cute isn't it? And it makes for great stabalization.

Large inside pockets, my favorite in a bag.

I think you are really going to like this next bag. Remember her pattern for My Favorite Bag, well she has downsized it just a smidge or two. It's perfect for day use or perfect for an on the go sewing bag or diaper bag. It was fun using the 1" grommets.

The fabric on this bag is a hodge podge of pieces I had in my stash. Let's see if I can remember them. The main bag and inside pockets(the green polka dot) is from the Moda line Make Life which was out last spring. The outside pockets, bottom and straps came from Hobby Lobby. The sash is something new we have at the shop, oops I've drawn a blank on that one.

The lining fabric is It's a Hoot from MoMo in turquoise. And my snap is a bright pink one that was at JoAnn's one day when I was in shopping for something else. I haven't see them since. Darn it, I really like the colored snaps. So if you ever see them in there, let me know would ya.

So what do you think of these cute bags? I think they are darling and are going to be a big hit in the sewing world, especially with all the "Bag Ladies" out there. Thanks Amy for giving me the opportunity to sew for you again. And it was great visiting with you at market. I can't wait for the patterns and your new fabric line to come out.


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Oh wow. Super super cute.

Mary Grace McNamara said...

They are both wonderful and fun bags! Lucky you to get to test the patterns!


Yvonne said...

Amy knows who she has to ask for a perfect bag testing! If anyone can do it, it's you! They are really too cute I can see some fun bag classes with this ones coming up am I right? (in September?)