May 19, 2011

Way to go Angie!

She did it. Looks like our soon to be daughter in law is on her way to becoming a Radiologist. Angie graduated from Idaho State on the 7th of May. She has worked long and hard on achieving this goal. We are so proud of her and so is Jacob, can you tell? But theres always time for some silliness. Just letting all the excitement out! Yah-hoo!

This is Angie's parents Becky and Mark Scherer. What a proud moment for any parent.

Stuart, Angie and Myself after graduation.

After the commencement excercises we met at Ruby Tuesday there in Pocatello to honor the graduate. It was fun meeting some of Angies family and friends. She has so many pround supporters, even this silly one. Her father in law.

I am happy to report that after keeping her nose in the books all last week studying, she is now a registered Radiologist. She passed with flying colors. Now let the job hunting begin, or should she focus on the big day first. July 9th will be here before you know it.

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Yvonne said...

I always love those pictures of American Graduations with the rope and all. It looks so official! It must have been a rememberable day for Angie!