May 16, 2011

Market Day 2 & 3

With market being in Salt Lake City this year I didn't have far to travel. What a great opportunity for all our Utah locals to show off their talents. And believe me we have plenty of it. Take Crazy Old Ladies for instant, her booth was awarded 1st place for the single booth award. Notice the blue ribbon hanging under her Going Coastal sign. She was not expecting it at all. It has been fun helping Emily the last couple of years putting her booths together. Way to go Emily, do you think it was the chairs? This is the plaque that was in Emily's booth the rest of the show.
Emily and her ribbon. It sounds like the Blogger's Quilt Meet-Up was a big hit. I had good intentions on attending but by the time we got out of the booth it only would have given us a little time to enjoy the evening. It started at 5:00 and the show didn't close until 6:00 so by the time we got done straightening and chit chatting it was close to 6:30 and the party ended at 7:00. Kind of sad, but we had a good evening making new friends at the Red Iguana 2.Terry(Thankfully Sew) and her daughter Michelle.

And out of state friends.

Sunday morning we had a visit from Pam Kitty Morning. She has a new line of fabric coming out through Lakehouse. And guess what it's full of kitties. Real cute stuff.

I failed to get many pictures this show but I did get this one of the new fabric line Children at Play for Michael Miller. This sweet collection comes from the very talented Sarah Jane Studios. She is right here in the great state of Utah. She lives and works in Orem.

I was able to get my daughter, Kira a pass for the day. She came and mingled the show with me for a little bit. One of her favorite designers is the very talented Amy Butler. Notice the bag Kira is carrying, it is one of Amy's patterns and also her fabric. Amy autographed the inside of her bag with her signature logo XO. Kira was over the moon meeting her and being able to spend a minute or two with her. Not very often do you find her in her booth by herself. Amy, Kira and myself.

Emily's husband Gilbert and dad, Walt came up to help take down. Boy it doesn't take as long taking down as it does going up. Doesn't quite look the same does it? The day is over or should I say 3 long days of hard work, but well worth the fun and meeting and renewing old friendships. What a great weekend.

And when I went to the parking garage I found this surprise. I wonder who the little
"MONKEY'S" were that left us the banana's. One for each of us.

And a sweet little note that read:

Those little monkeys, Marsha and Mary Ann! What would I do without them?

I did buy a few goodies while I was there. We'll have show and tell in a day or two. Until then, happy sewing, Shannon


Mary Grace McNamara said...

What fun you had Shannon! I'm hoping a quilt market will come my way one of these days!

The bananas are funny!


Rennie said...

What a nice pictures. I hope that once we will be able to visit your quilt market!

Yvonne said...

Can you believe the girls here are already making plans! Thanks for posting so much great pictures, so much fun to watch. Great that Kira got to meet Amy Butler! I really think your chairs have made the difference, they looked lovely in Emily's booth!

joansie said...

I am SO looking forward to your show and tell!

daurenet said...

Ok I am ove the top jealous of your Kira, a signed bag by the famous Amy....... She's a lucky girl :). And so are you :)