September 6, 2011

Nifty, Nifty, We are all turning 50!!!

So this is the big year for me and my club friends. We are all turning the big 50. We don't look a day over 20 though and sometimes we even act that. We really do have some fun together. Some of us met last Wednesday at Cafe Rio to celebrate. Some of these ladies have already had their milestone birthdays, like Melba, Jan, Gayleen, Camille. It was Sharon's and Elaines on that day. So then we have Kayes and then mine coming up this month. It is September right? And then Liz's in November. Sharon and Kaye, the two hard working girls in their scrubs.

Liz the beautician and Elaine the florist.

Camille, a stay at home mom and Melba the business woman.

So glad we are still able to do this at "OUR" age! I hope it never ends. We keep saying that are kids will have to put us all in the same resthome just so we can keep up with one another! Now that's friendship right there!


Yvonne said...

A friendship that is lasting for such a long time is like having another family isn't it! How great that you are still enjoying each other's company after all these years and celebrating life at 50! Hope there are many mort years to come for you all!

Lori said...

Happy Birthday to all! I just hit 50 in July. I don't feel it...well maybe I do when I've been sitting too long! haha