September 12, 2011

Look who's here!

After almost 18 hours in the air, Yvonne and Alex made it here from the Netherlands. They will be staying almost 3 weeks. I'm so glad they made it safe and sound. They were very tired but oh so glad there was someone to greet them when they landed. Now onto to their first American supper on this trip. Alex was ready for steak.

We ended up a Texas Roadhouse in Clearfield. You can always count on a good meal there and the prices are just right. Yvonne's birthday was on September 1st so I had just waited until she got here to give her gift. She is a big fan of King George so I bought her his new CD. They try an buy some new CD's while they are here, she said this is one that was on her list. I hope she's enjoying it. I also gave her some western print fat quarters and a very cute pattern from Thankfully Sew, western to of course.

It's good to be all together again. I can't wait to get together with them next week, there will be lot's of fun things going on.

They are using our pick up while they are here. It has been a dream for Alex to drive something like this. We offered it and they couldn't of been happier. Here Stuart is explaining a few things about the truck to Alex. Then we said our goodbye's for the week.

They brought us such nice welcome gifts from the Netherlands. For me a lovely crystal welcoming candy dish and the chocolate to go in. Please come visit so you can have a taste. They are yummy! And for Stuart they brought a Dutch recipe book. He can't wait to start trying out some of their recipes.
We are very fortunate to have such great friends from such a far away place. And I'm glad they chose to come back to the great state of Utah for their vacation.


Rennie said...

The America Girls who stayed in the Netherlands are fotunate as well to have such a nice and kind friend as Shannon in Utah. Once there will be a chance to come over to Utah! Enjoy the time together. Love to the rest of your family as well.

Yvonne said...

Glad to made it back to Utah! Hope the chocolates didn't melt to much during the flight. See you saturday! Love, Alex & Yvonne