September 6, 2011

So Ugly, but cute. Kind of!

Can you believe this, I have worked at the Corn Wagon almost 4 years and am just getting around to the wool section of the store. We have the most wonderful wool lady. She does everything with that stuff, like dying, stripping, and hooking (that's a little wool talk for ya). Oh my, I didn't know Marianne had it in her! Anyways I found this cute pumpkin in a magazine I bought in St. George for Marianne because it had some great things to do with wool. Little did I know that I would be making the display. It wasn't so bad, my stitching does need a little improvement and I don't think I'll be teaching the wool classes any time soon. We will leave that for the pro. The stem on Wooly Jack is an old silver spoon I found at the antique shop here in town and he is sitting on an old rusty bed spring. Oh the things you can do with these. They are a hot comodity I'm told at Treasures in Springville. You can use these for lots of things. How about favor cups for a fall party, to hold your pin cushion like Jack or your ice cream cone. Who would of thunk it!

He's kind of ugly but then again kind of cute.

Watch out for bed springs coming to the White house soon! Let me know if you need one or two, or maybe a dozen! Funny, huh!


Yvonne said...

That is cute! And how fun that even an old bed spring is turning into a hot item one day! who should ever thought of that?

Rennie said...

What a lot of pictures. You keep me busy with so much to read. My most favorite picture is number two with the whole family. I give all of you my love.