September 9, 2011

She's coming, she's coming!

My dear friend Yvonne, my blogging buddy from the Netherlands is coming today. (You all know our story and how we met don't you)? That's another story in itself. I will have to share it again for those that don't. We will be picking her and Alex up at the airport this afternoon. They will travel onto Idaho and Wyoming for the next week. Then back to our place and from there we will be visiting Lake Powell and some other places of interest in and around St. George and Zion's. The last week they are here will be spent in Orem. They will be celebrating September birthdays with us and she is even going to be here for my first bag class of the season. I don't know who's more excited about all of this, her or me. They will be tired from such a long, long flight. We will treat them to a nice American supper after picking them up! Any suggestions. See you in a few friends.


martine said...

I think you'll have a great time together.
Can't wait to read your blogs.
Love Martine

Rennie said...

I know for sure you will have a wonderfull time together. My regards to all of you!

daurenet said...

Why I'm excited for you too, and I can't wait to meet Yvonne!!!

Yvonne said...

And what a welcome you had for us! It was awsome to see you two again! It was short but we are looking forward to next week!