September 26, 2011

In Mourning!

I wasn't going to be to work the week of my birthday so the girl's at the Corn Wagon celebrated before I left for vacation and boy did they go all out for the big 50 birthday girl! This is what met me at the door that morning. My very own walking aid! And look it even has a bag attached for the "old bag"! And everyone was dressed in black for they were mourning the passing of my youth. Oh aren't they so thoughtful. You could find tissues at every work station.

We all met for lunch, which was Cafe Rio. The cake was perfect! A headstone of all things.

Some of my family even stopped in. Kaitlyn, Teegan and Angie joined us for lunch and Stuart was on his way to Provo. Check out my new tiara.

My friends are mourning me again, this time they are all crying. I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends such as these ladies. They make my job so much fun. Now you see why I love my job.

And, oh what nice gifts I received. Everything a 50 year old needs, right. Thanks for such a great party my friends.


Rennie said...

What a lovely friends you have and what a nice birthday you had with Yvonne and Alex. I wish I waa there to kiss and cry together. I hope we will be friends for the next 50 years. Because that's the time we need together to do all our desirements. Love you

Yvonne said...

You already told me about the fun you had but the pictures tell even more! Don't let them fool you! Fifty isn't old!!! You even went for a hike!!!

Martha said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a great day!