February 20, 2012

Day 2, Jan. 28th Time for meeting new friends!

(Picture over load)
One of the main reasons Stuart gave me this lovely gift for Christmas is so that I would be able to attend the 1st annual Bloggers Bee that Yvonne and the bee girls were sponsoring. Ladies fairly close to Yvonne's would be there. I think the farthest away was maybe 2 hours, well that's not including me that came over 5,000 miles. I would be mingling with 14 other ladies that I had never met. Now it's like we have been friends forever. I am so thrilled to have spent the day with them, getting to know them, their beautiful quilting and all the other projects that they do. Isn't it funny, but amazing how the love of sewing can be found through blogging clear across the world? I am one lucky girl to have done this and it will remain a memory in my heart forever. A perfect picture for a perfect day ahead. What do you get when you bring together 19 ladies that love to sew? The sound of laughter. Bring it on!
Some of the girl's gathered early to get food prepared for the big day. Here they are admiring the cute sign that welcomed us yesterday. It now hangs in my sewing room.
After everyone arrived we enjoyed cake and tea, or juice.
The tradition over there is when you get together for special occasions you start off with cake, or maybe pie, tea and coffee. Kind of liking that one, aren't you? Imagine dessert first! This cake was delish. We would soon find out that slagroom (whipped cream) would become one of our best freinds while there.
We then went into the show and tell portion of the day. Each one of the ladies were to bring something to show. I didn't seem to get all of them in picture, so sorry ladies. All of these ladies do the most beautiful work, and a good portion of them piece by hand as well as the quilting. Everything in the Netherlands is so expensive that most of them order from the states. You will recognize patterns and fabric that you may have worked with. I won't put names with pictures for as not to make mistakes with names. Enjoy the projects.

A quick shot of Judith showing how she does her quilting.

A Dear Jane, all pieced by hand. Oh my!

Just a word or two about this one. Martine has done a beautiful job on this quilt, all made from original antique dutch fabric. It's beautiful.
Diwabos, diwabos, diwabos! Go Rennie!

Lunch time already! I want more show and tell, don't you? We had a lovely lunch of soup, salads, sandwichs and Diet Coke. Yvonne spoiled me with that for sure!

Sipkje and I enjoying our lunch and conversation of the love the dutch ladies have right now of making houses (quilt blocks), it seems everyone is doing them. And of course all by hand. What's the rush!
These are the little houses and boy are they little. I'm glad Sipkje shared hers with me.
Earlier in the morning Else' mohair bear was making a big hit with the ladies. And why wouldn't she, she is adorable. Everything on her is stitched by hand, probably over 40 hours went into the making. Her little dress is hand knitted. I had asked Else if she would make me one and send it to me. Later that afternoon she came to me and said that I could have this one that I had fallen in love with. Her name is now Else. Thank you Else, she now adorns my front room. Everytime I look at her she reminds me of your thoughtfulness and kindness you showed me that day in Holland.
Doesn't she just melt your heart? Meet Else.
And here are two of her playmates. Also made by Else. She does some amazing work doesn't she?
Yvonne and Rennie asked if I would help make posie's with all the other ladies. This was something that all of them could make and light enough for me to bring in my suitcase. We had a fun afternoon making them.
Everyone finished them and then it was time for pinning. I'm glad I could share something new with them.
I furnished the afternoon chocolates to go with tea. A 2 pound box of See's chocolates and I don't think there was one left in the box. They surely liked that Utah gesture.
Carina had made a little favor for all of us to bring home as did Yvonne and the Bee's. They had made Snap bags for all of us. What a kind thing to do.
I had rounded up a few things to take with me to give as door prizes. Thanks to Corn Wagon, Crazy Old Ladies, Pie Plate Patterns and a few others for providing these. The girl's had a good time looking at everything from the states. Judith was the lucky winner of the bag I had taken. She loved it, can you tell?
We all gathered for a picture. 19 amazing ladies to now call friends. And I am happy to have been to the very first Bloggers Bee in the Netherlands. Don't know that I will be able to attend the next one their planning. Maybe I should sponsor one here! How many would come I wonder?
And what did Alex and Stuart do while we were giggling away? They visited a Pershing horse farm, had lunch, read and napped. Don't know how with all the ruckus going on in the next room, but they managed.
This picture to me is saying, "Til we meet again". Stuart and Rennie saying goodbye to all the ladies.
Dove ready and loaded with her bags to head home. How in the world does this little lady do it?Everything she's carrying probably weighs more than she does. Go Dove, go!
After resting our feet and relaxing abit with the guys we went and had dinner at a very fine Chinese place called the Peking. What a delight it was when they brought out this little bottle of Coca Cola Light with ice. Something you have to ask for while your there, otherwise it would come without.
Our meal was soooooooo good. Especially the shrimp. Will we find time to come back here? Dang this was good food!
Oh, it was fun getting together with Alex and Yvonne again. We have so much fun when we are with them. This is just the beginning of many adventures they will share with us. For todays adventure this is the end or in other words, good night.
To all, and especially our Dutch friends. Kiss, kiss, kiss. Now can I go sew for a little bit!!


Yvonne said...

What a great blog you wrote about your second day here! Who knows in a few years we will come with a delegation to the Utah Bloggers Bee! Wouldn't that be something?

Else said...

Sitting behind my pc with a smile from ear to ear reading your blog, nice picture Stuart made from us with "Else" so happy that she has a nice place in your home. It was a great day meeting the girls and the two of you, will not forget that day! Hope you found some time to sew, what are you sewing? Hugs from me

Rennie said...

Oh my love I enjoyed your blog so much. It brings back all the days we spent together. I'll never forget them. Give Stuart a big hug and tell him I'm reading his book.

Judith said...

Well thank youfor sharing with us. It sure is fun to read your side of the story! À bee in Utah? Count me in! You're right, it is amazing how THE love of sewing can build bridges! Meeting you was wonderful, à little person with à huge heart!! Will be great to read all the days of your stay!

Tracy said...

I am so envious of you right now.
I would love to visit my online friends.
I never would have thought I could have made so many friends on here.
These ladies are so talented. Gorgeous quilts.

Lida said...

Oh I wish, I wish!! Going to Utah yes!!! Hope I could come would be lovely to see you back! I enjoyed meeting you so much and it is fun to read your side of the story! Hugs from Holland,

Berna said...

Hi Shannon, it's nice to read your side of the bloggersday and The Netherlands. We had a lovely day too and it was a pleasure to met you and Stuart.
Big hug from The Netherlands by Berna.
Btw else is making a bear for my birthday in april. I can't waith for it. ;)