February 18, 2012

I think it worked!!!

I must have struck a cord. She got the camera out and left the cable to down load. She might be mad at me but oh-well she will get over it, or be mad a long time. (LOL)
I always said the best part of Fighting was MAKING UP!
She had to work at Corn Wagon all day today, but I will down load the pic's and then maybe tonight or tomorrow she will get started.

I really do love my Ruby. Can't you tell?
She is the light of my life.


Lida said...

Love the picture! Well she will get the hang of it yet! Greetings

Else said...

Yeh, well done! I love the picture, have fun making up!(lol) Hugs Else

Shannon said...

This means war! No I'm not mad, I just needed a wakeup call I guess. Just wish I was at a 100% me! Ever have those kind of days or in my case weeks.

Yvonne said...

You just needed a little help and a push from Stuart. Isn't that one of the great things of marriage? You will get it done I am sure.

Rennie said...

You should not make war but love with the most lovely charming Hanky Panky mr. President of Salt Lake City.