February 22, 2012

Day 4, Jan. 30th Monday in Katwijk

Today was a laid back, sleep in kind of Monday. I think the time zone change was really catching up with us. After fixing breakfast and lounging around a bit we took a walk in to Katwijk. It was probably a mile and half walk from where we were staying. It was a brisk cold walk, but a fun one. I am standing in the middle of the town square. I think!We found some fun shops to look in and we needed a few things from the grocery store. One aisle that caught my eye was the cereal. They have a lot of the same things we do.
After we got done in town Stuart got out his GPS so we could find our way to the quilt shop. I had seen it several times passing in the car with Yvonne and knew that needed to be on the list of things to see. Yeah, the first quilt shop of the trip!
After our little walk there, we found that the quilt shop was closed on Mondays. Just my luck! But we had all week to get there, right? Nope, not this trip. It seems the owner was on holiday or maybe sick. It was closed every time we went by. Future shopping!
It's not a very big shop but it looked like she had some beautiful things from just looking through the window. They have quite a few quilt classes here for the local ladies.
Something I noticed almost right off the back as viewing the homes, was the decorating they do. Every home has one large or two windows and they seem to do things in pairs. Notice the two baskets of plants, and two candlesticks. I think this house caught my eye because it had a sewing machine also!

On our walk back to the condo I noticed something I had never seen before here in America. A holly berry bush. It was very pretty, so of course I had to have a picture.
For our supper that night we fixed hamburgers with all the trimmings, even down to the potatoe chips and diet coke. Maybe not a traditional dutch meal but one we can call home.
We got the XXL bag, which would be a small bag here in the states. Tasted just like chips!
So today not so much traveling around. We needed the rest as for tomorrow we have a big day in Amsterdam. Our tour guides, Yvonne, Rennie and Dove are picking us up early!


Lida said...

Yes most quilt shops are closed on Monday an a lot also on Tuesday, so sorry for you, but I think you had a good trip the next day and lots of booty then! Hugs from Holland,

Inge said...

And again a lovely story!

Big hug,

Else said...

You had a nice walk into Katwijk! Big windows are quit normal over here, I also have pares of flowers and things in my window (typical Dutch?) Hugs from me

Rennie said...

Using Stuarts' words I can tell you the Dutch Tornado is sitting on her couch sewing her quilt and reading your nice blog.