February 17, 2012

OK! We're waiting!

Well, I am waiting to. This is Stuart and I am wanting to see just how much fun I really did have in the Netherlands.
I know the jet lag and all but really?
We have been home for 11 Days, that's longer than we were on HOLIDAY!
I know you can do it. Come on blogging friend's let's encourage Shannon to get with it!


Please leave your comments of encouragement!


Harwood Happenings said...

Ive checked in every day, but nothing, so I finally went to yvonnes and seen a few things that you did. Looks like fun, but lets see your side of it.

Judith said...

Yes show us your Side! We have all blogged About it! You can do it!!

Rennie said...

My dearest, I 'am still waiting. Come on girl you can make it! Make my day please.

Berna said...

I'm still waiting too!! Please wake up and write your blog.

carina said...

I'm also waiting ..... By by carina

Yvonne said...

Do you need more encouragement? Come on girl you can do it! Unplug that sewing machine, switch off your phone, shut down the door of the White House and blog, blog, blog....I know Stuart will through in some food once and a while....!
Go Shannon, go Shannon, go Shannon, Yeah!!!!!!

Yvonne said...

I meant of course throw instead of through......(difficult huh, English!)

Else said...

And here some encouragement from me, YOU CAN DO IT Shannon!! I'm waiting (lol) Have a nice day, hugs for the two of you

Lida said...

I thought you went into wintersleep! Looking every day, but no logs! Come on girl get behind your pc and make our day! Hugs

Patricia said...

Dear Shannon and Stuart,

I'm waiting too !
Because of the very nice Bloggers Bee at Yvonne's house, I recently started my own Blog.
I would love to have you on a visit there.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Patricia (