February 18, 2012

I surrender!

I guess there won't be war after all. Stuart, flowers, and lunch showed up at work this afternoon.
I wasn't mad at all for what he did on my blog. He thought he was really in the dog house for all the comments that were showing up on my blog. Ahh, isn't he sweet? He always has me and my interests at heart.
What a great day and thanks for all the love and encouragement from all of you. It looks like this is a good place to start. I don't want to overwhelm right now though, so now that I have your attention see you sometime tomorrow. Notice I said, "sometime"! Love you all, especially my husband.


Else said...

Oh, so sweet! I'l be back later, gone do some fabric shopping in Zwolle (lol) Have a nice day. Hugs Else

Rennie said...

What a nice and sweet comment. Take good care of your mr. President! H's worth it. I love him too, as a friend. I really enjoy your blogs.

Lida said...

He's is a fantastic guy! You are a spoiled girl, I know I am too! Hugs

Yvonne said...

What a beautiful flowers you got. I guess the visit to the Flower Auction in the Netherlands dit something to Stuart! You can never get too much flowers can you?