February 23, 2012

Day 6, Feb. 1st Heading to Haarlem!

Before we get started out on our journey to Haarlem we had to get our supply of ice cubes made. Our fridge didn't have ice cube trays,because they consume their drinks without. We had to get a little creative on what to use out of the cupboards. Did you know egg holders make great ice trays?Now after the diet coke we are ready to venture out on our first public transportation ride. I don't even know where our bus stops here in Sp. Fork!
This actually wasn't a planned stop but Yvonne had talked to Weikie and she had told the shop ladies that she had attended the blogger's bee. She commented about learning to make posies with a lady from the states. That would be me, just wanted to stop by and introduce myself. Little did we know it would take an hour to get to Haarlem. Stuart is such a sport to trek along with me. De Sampler quilt shop here we come.
Here are a few pictures of what was featured in their shop. First a cute bag from Diawabo fabrics, which they had a good supply.
Sue Spargo is a big hit in the Netherlands just like she is here in America.
And isn't this something?
And they loved Kaffe there too.
The girl's were having afternoon tea and cookies when we arrived. I introduced myself and told them Weike had sent me in. Meet my new friends from there. Karin, Marje, and Yanny.
And more cute bikes, love the bike bags!
Let's start a new club at the Corn Wagon!! Decorate your bike and come to class. We could call it Slimming & Sewing with Shannon! "Stash Out" --- "Pounds Off". The healthy alternative to sewing.
Now wouldn't that be fun!
All right, when do I get my bike, Stuart?

We managed to find the center of town.
This is the Grandcafe Brinkmann.
We had lunch and warmed up with some hot chocolate and of course a pile of slagroom
Check it out!
My first dutch hamburger and fries, served with all the trimmings.
The dutch eat their fries with mayo and lot's of it.
And Stuart had stew. It was a delicious lunch, if he would have been at our house, he would of licked the bowl clean!
This Bentley pulled up to the church with a new bride and groom in it. After they went inside we snuck a picture and were trying to figure out how we could get it back home for a souvenir!
The sun was just starting to set, must be time to head back to Katwijk before it gets dark. We still had an hours ride in head of us and wanted to enjoy the scenery.
This video is of the country side in Holland. Just added it so you can get a idea of how it looks, and the layout of the towns.


Yvonne said...

Can you imagine you driving your bike to the Corn Wagon in the morning like I do to work in Leiden? That would be something!
Great to see how you passed your day in Haarlem.

Lida said...

Lots of us go to work or shopping on our bikes, but also by bus and train, but I haven't seen the inside of a bus for years! But still go biking in the summer! It is healthy! Enjoy and let the man first recover from the pain in his wallet from this trip before you ask for a bike! LOL! Hugs

Rennie said...

Don't forget asking Stuart to make a picture of Shannon biking in Spanish Fork. I'll send it to the local paper in Leiden.

Else said...

Hi Shannon and Stuart, It is so normal overhere "taking the bike" Were strange people its not only the wooden shoes but also riding bikes, the red one of yesterday was a very special one "Old Dutch" (lol) You had a nice trip today with the bus to Haarlem, so pitty the RR didn't fit in Stuarts suitcase! Have a nice day, hugs from me

Else said...

That must be "Bently"