May 3, 2012

Birthday Week!

Happy Birthday to these two cute kids. They are both celebrating their special days this week. Thayne celebrated his on May 1st and is now 4 years old. Where or where did that four years go? And I bet his mother is saying the same thing to herself. Her baby is growing up. Thayne keeps us laughing around here. For instance, just the other day he said to me, "Totally Grandma, you should clip your nails, they are way to long!" He doesn't realize I pay good money to have my nails look so nice. He cracks me up.
And cute, cute Karas is turning 7 on Saturday, May 5th. She was born on 5-5-05, that's a story to tell when she gets a little bit older. Karas is a special little girl and she brings lots of love and happiness to our family. Love you kids to pieces, may you have many more happy ones.
Love, Grandma White


Rennie said...

My congratulations. I think these kids have the most loving and caring grandmother!

Inge said...

Happy birthday to both kids. I can see they are sweet and lovely and you must be the very proud grandma! Enjoy, Shannon!

Many greetings,

Yvonne said...

This must be the cutest little cowboy and cutest little angel ever. What a cute pictures of those two sweet darlings.
Happy birthday to both of them from Alex and me.