May 29, 2012


Our loved ones forever and especially on Memorial Day. Stuart and I went to the cemetery on Thursday night to decorate graves before we headed to St. George for the weekend. The flag display was beautiful as ever. A long standing tradition here in the Spanish Fork Cemetery is honoring the veterans the have passed on. We call it the Field of Flags. And isn't this a pretty view of the US and the military flags? The wind had them standing at full view.
My dad served in WWII as a young man. He was in the Navy and was one of the cooks on board. No matter how many times I see his marker, I still get teary eyed. This year his marker just happened to be on the front row. We didn't have far to go looking for it.
Thank you dad and to all the other past and present Veterans for serving our country. We know you are putting many sacrifices on the line for our freedoms. We will never forget.

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Yvonne said...

So good to keep remembering!