May 15, 2012

You Rock Miss M!

McKinley has been taking dancing lessons all year and she had her Spring Recital last Friday evening. This little one can dance. She has been paying attention in class, I can tell. I remember not too long ago we were doing this same thing with her Mother, Kaitlyn. Seems just like yesterday to me.
She has the cutest teacher and you can tell how good she is with the students.
The proud Mama and the star of the show.
McKinley with Grandma and Aunt Ya Ya(Kira), that's what she has always called her ever since she could talk. Cute huh? Of course we had to bring flowers for the dancer. In Grandmas eyes she was the best!
And Grandpa's too! You "Rocked" it McKinley, so very proud of you.


Rennie said...

I'll never saw such a proud couple of grandparents. They are so cute!

carina said...

How nice. Of course she was the best!

Yvonne said...

That must have been fun! I can imagine your hearts were over flowing with love and pride! Give her a big hug from us when you see her, will you?