May 15, 2012

The Girl's Day Out!

The girl's and I celebrated Mothers Day by having a girl's day out. It was a blast getting these 3 wonderful daughters together. We haven't done it for a while. Everyone is busy and we live small distances away from each other. I think they were glad to have a day off without kids. We met Angie at the new City Creek Center in Salt Lake. We shopped around there a bit, it's a very nice place with nice prices to match! And big too!We chose the Cheesecake Factory for our lunch spot. The weather was beautiful so we dined outside.
The creek comes right through the center of the square. This really is a beautiful place for an outing.

After shopping the center and not finding anything we absolutely had to have, we headed for Steinmart, a store a lot like my favorite TJ Maxx's. We all found something in there to buy.
Happy Mother's Day to these sweet girls, we had a really fun day laughing and helping each other spend!

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Yvonne said...

Fun to see all three girls together again. You are so lucky with those marvelous and sweet daughters (in law) in you life! Hope you will enjoy eachother for many, many more mother days!
BTW that mall looks great too!