May 30, 2012

Who's The Winner?

Thanks everyone for leaving comments on Emily's little contest she's been having the last 30 days. I hope you have had as much fun as I have following along. I had the president himself here at the White house do the honors of drawing the winner, how appropriate since this book is "Geared for Guys". We put all 25 names into a bowl and the name he drew out was . . .
Allison! Congratulations Allison on winning such a fabulous book. I hope you have lots of guys to do sewing for. E-mail me at oohsaahsw@aolcom and let me know if you want the PDF version or the actual book, along with your e-mail address or your mailing address. You will love this book. Thanks for playing along.
And for our field trip today we went to visit Bonnie and Brenda of Pie Plate Patterns in Fountain Green. Their design and pattern company is located there. We picked up Sharon in Mt. Pleasant and she enjoyed the day with us too. What a great place they have, everything is right at their finger tips. The office, quilting machine, cutting table, fabric and sewing machines all in one space. They spend a lot of their time here.
And speaking of "Geared for Guys", Brenda had just received a quilt in the mail from her daughter in Colorado to quilted. It's the Gamer quilt out of Em's book. It made Emily jump for joy, she was slightly excited to see it.
Emily's daughter, Paris went with us today to. She had fun creating on the design wall. Soon she will taking over her mom's job!
Paris is now our official photographer. She took pictures of Terry and I and the whole gang.
Pictured left to right: Sharon, Bonnie, Brenda, Myself, Emily and Terry.
After visiting B & B treated us to lunch at the local grocery store/hamburger place. This is one of those quaint little towns where everyone knows everyone and everything about each other!
They spoiled us all with their latest Pie to Go quilt book. 5 patterns are featured in this book with very minimal piecing. The Chevron quilt is one of the classes that was offered last month at their retreat. And Brenda, bless her heart put together this kit of her Cool Spools just for me. I really liked this quilt when I saw it at the retreat but I couldn't take the class as she was teaching it the same time I was teaching. She didn't have enough kits with her so she had one all ready for me today. What a nice surprise.
This is the table topper version of her Cool Spools quilt. I have enough fabric to make it into a wall hanging. It's a paper pieced quilt and I haven't done much of this technique so it will be something new and fun to learn. Thank you, thank you for a fun day everyone.
And Allison I will be watching for an e-mail from you very soon!


Rennie said...

Alliaon is really a lucky girl. I enjoyed your story. You had a fun time last days! Love to you!

Yvonne said...

Congrats to Allison! She will enjoy the book I am sure. What a fun day you had. I love the quilt with the spools, it will look great in your sewing room. Do you have any space left?

joansie said...

Oooh--I hope you tried the lamb sandwich at Shep's!! The cucumber sauce is SO good. What a fun trip you guys had!