May 3, 2012

"Twist"ing Plaids!

This is a quilt that has been a work in progress I guess you could say. I started it about this time last year to demonstrate on at the Panguitch Quilt Walk for one of the classes I was teaching. The Twister, you remember that ruler, don't you? I pulled out my 20 plus years of home spun plaids. Most of these fabrics were used in making doll dresses. It was fun to see the result, I finished it up last month and I love it.
The sashing fabric I did need to buy. It was a neutral fabric from Andover, I think. The black border and binding is from Diamond fabrics.
For the backing I used what I had left over also. Notice the different sizes of fabrics, it's kind of fun to use up those scraps in this way. It's almost like I have a two in one quilt.

So I guess we could say this is an old quilt but really it's new to me. I probably have enough left overs to make another one. Maybe in another 20 years! I never get sick of the Twister, I still think it's one of my favorites to make. This one just took me a little longer.


Mary Grace McNamara said...

What a warm and cozy quilt this is Shannon! I just got a lil twister and have not used it yet. It sure looks like fun though!


Gayle said...

I LOVE that quilt done in homespuns! Might have to do that one myself - I certainly still have tons of those fabrics in my stash too! I love what you did with the back.....

Martha said...

Love the quilt in plaid. I bought the twister ruler at your shop last year, too. I have been working on a halloween table runner for my DIL since then. I am slow.

Yvonne said...

What a warm and cozy quilt Shannon. It is one of my favorites to make too!