September 12, 2012

Frame Make-Over!

I was sifting through some junk in the closet about a month ago and look at these cute picture frames I ran onto, yup still in their boxes. Brand new and hadn't been used. I guess I had forgotten about them. I had seen a cute blog post on frame make overs. I didn't need to think long on what I wanted to make. Pin cushions would be perfect. The first one made it's way to the Netherlands for Yvonne's birthday, which was on the first. The pins were all American style, just her thing. She loves anything Americana.
The second one graces my sewing machine for right now. On both I added a yo yo and some buttons for embellishment. These were so easy and fast to make. So don't throw out those unused frames, when all else fails. Make pin cushions.
Just a reminder my day to report on my quilt from the Geared for Guys Remix is tomorrow. Can't wait to share it with you. Have you been following along with me?


carina said...

How nice you make them, ooooh those pins also so lovely
Have a nice day byby besos carina

Yvonne said...

They both so cute Shannon but you are right I just love those Americana stuff and the pins are just adorable. I have to blog about it still.......