September 28, 2012

Tuachan Magic!

What a beautiful place the Tuachan Center in St. George is.  Right after Labor Day we took our grandson Hatch with us to see the Disney production of Aladdin.  It's just amazing to me the props they use, even real camels.  What a great performance.

Our seats were the best ever.  We were right up close and personal with the whole cast.  I think Hatch really did like what he was seeing.  Jacob and Angie were able to attend with us as well.
On Saturday while they guys were out scouting dear, we girl's did at little scouting of our own at a cute shop called Urban Renewal.  They really have some cute and unique stuff in their shop.  Vintage finds galore.

Fell in love with these huge spools of twine.  Of course I had to have the only red one in the bunch. 

And all the vintage patterns spread out on this table.  I probably had one or two of these at one time or another.

And of course it wouldn't be a trip if these two yeahoo's couldn't play with Lego's.  We went to Target one evening and Hatch just couldn't pass it up.  Glad to see it still runs in the family.  I could see Jacob was just itchin' to get down and help him, he was down on the floor in seconds!

Good job Hatch and Uncle Jacob.  Worth the trip just for that wasn't it?


Yvonne said...

I never have been in a more beautiful theater than the Tuachan in St. George. It is amazing with those red rocks in the background and the nice temperature is great too at an outdoor place! It looks like Hatch had a fun night with Opa and Oma! Great trip for him with a lego topping!

Rennie said...

It must have been an amazing experience for Hatch to go to such a theater with both of you. This evening we were with you because we watched a beautiful movie about the Grand Canyon. Oh we cannot wait till March! Love to you!