September 7, 2012

A good laugh and touring!

Need a good Friday laugh? Boy am I glad I live in this day and age. For sure I wouldn't get any sewing done if I had to have this all in order before I sat down to sew. Ok, so tell me the truth, how many of you actually do this?
Yeah, so it's been a few days since my last post hasn't it? But I hope you noticed the two new buttons in my side bar. I have been asked to participate in both of these blog tours. The first is Crazy Old Ladies Geared for Guys Remix quilt tour. It runs from September 1-16. I will be posting about my quilt on the 13th so watch for that. The second tour is called Springtime in the Rockies which is also the name of a new book featuring 8 local designers from right here in Utah. This one runs from September 19-27, I will be posting on the 25th. Hope you will follow along with me and all the other guest bloggers. And guess what? There will be a give a way during both tours. Yippee skippy, we love give a ways! Enjoy your weekend.


Rennie said...

Yippee skippy I really enjoyed your blog and I'll try not to go sewing when there is a sign of lackadaisically in the morning! Thanks for the advice. Love to you and watch my blog because I'm expecting a little girlbear tomorrow morning.

Yvonne said...

Haha...what a fun manual. I wonder if that was only for Singer sewer' about Bernina girls? I know my English is far from perfect but I have learned many English words through the years but LACKADAISICALLY?? It sounds like a word Lucy Ball would use!
I am glad I don't have a manual like that, I would never quilt again!

carina said...

Hihi well after make mine nails, hair, lips really nice i can write you that i have laughed reading your blog. Kiss carina