September 15, 2012

Something So Beautiful!

We traveled to Brigham City a couple of weeks ago to attend the Open house of the beautiful new temple there. Jacob and Angie went with us. We picked them up in Roy and off we went. We caught the bus just outside of Brigham City which took us to the temple.This temple is really gorgeous. The dedication ceremony will take place next Sunday, Sept. 23rd. They will be broadcasting it to places all over the world. We will attend at our stake house here in Spanish Fork.

After seeing how beautiful and peaceful this temple is on the inside, and after the dedication I want to go back and do a session. I can't wait.
After seeing the temple we had supper at the Maddox, one of favorite spots to eat when we are up in that part of the state. Our last stop of the day, Jacob and Angie's new home in Hooper. They should be in it the first of next month. They are so excited and I don't blame them, they have something beautiful waiting for them to enjoy too.

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Yvonne said...

That sure is a beautiful temple Shannon. And the house of Jacob and Angie is going to be so beautiful too! I love following the building of it. It goes so fast! Great that it is almost finished now, so exiting for them!